Thursday, December 10, 2009

River City Christmas Party Highlights

And a good time was had by all......

We had a wonderful time with plenty fo gifts, good food and good cheer.  Many thank yous all around for a very successful year.

Some items to note:

  • Please send your recipes for the food you preapred (or where you bought it).  They will be published in the January newsletter.
  • Sunday, December 6th at 2:00pm there will be a Board Meeting at the Goodwood Library.  Please attend for 2010 input, chairpersons and committee members are also asked to attend, if possible.
  • Saturday, December 12th - Sew-In Saturday, bring your own projects, and Norma Payne will be working to prepare kits to sew for charity.  Help is appreciated.
  • If you joined a committee or group at the Christmas Meeting, or want to help in some way, please check to see if your name appears with a particular committee.
  • If you still wish to make a president's block for Mary Woltmann, do so and mail it.  Let her know that it is "in the mail".  She just loved them all.
  • We bid a farewell to Kathy Perevosnik, who has accepted a new position in Georgia, outside of Atlanta.
  • The birthday table has been such a success.  It has garnered over $500 this year.
  • The guild made a donation of $350 to St. Paul's for the use of the church hall in 2009.