Friday, March 6, 2009

Focus on Name Tags

Yet, one more incentive !! Has this ever happened to you? During Show & Tell, SOMEONE shows the perfect quilt‑‑it's gorgeous, you love it, you want to make it, but just WHO in the world showed it?? What IS their name?? You really don't want to say "Hey you!." Well, we want to help you past this embarrassment. We shall focus on Name Tags (that way we get to know each other a little better) in 2009. We have lots of members (including me) that don't know each others' names. We know each others' faces, but we can't always put a name with the face. In an effort to get guild members to wear their fiber name tags, the board decided to give a little nudge. At every regular meeting, there will be a drawing for a $10 gift certificate‑‑‑‑one catch‑‑you MUST be wearing your name tag during that meeting in order to have a chance to win. (You can't win with a paper tag "hello, my name is".)