Challenges and Swaps

The Purple Challenge - Pantone's color of the year is Ultra Violet

1)     Use a minimum of 3 different fabrics that read as Purple, whether lilacs, red-purples, blue-purples, or any aspect of purple.  

2)     Themes like LSU and Mardi Gras are welcome and encouraged.

3)     No minimum size.

4)     Meeting on September 6, 2018 is the deadline.  Ribbons awarded.

5)     Finished to the quilt top stage, however, quilting is encouraged because quilted items are very popular with voters. (Judy's "Finish the Quilt" programs.)

6)     If the quilter makes a Purple "scrappy" quilt, that quilt may be entered in the 2nd challenge as well. 

UFO Challenge

We are changing up the UFO challenge in 2018 to fit in with Elena's objective for the year of GETTING THINGS DONE!  
How this will work:

1.     Guild members will have the opportunity to participate in three UFO challenge events in 2018.  
        The first UFO challenge quilt will be shown at the May meeting.  
        The second UFO challenge quilt will be shown at the August meeting.  
        The third UFO challenge quilt will be shown at the November meeting.  
All projects must be a UFO (defined as a project for which the fabric was purchased before January 1, 2018, but the project is not completed). 

2.     At the February meeting, Suzanne gave an additional challenge rule for the UFO quilts to be shown at the May meeting.  The additional rule may be really challenging (finish your ugliest UFO project) or it may be a fun challenge (quilter's choice).

3.     Participants will complete a UFO project that fits the additional challenge rule, and bring it to the May meeting.  You do not need to tell Suzanne which UFO project you plan to complete.  

4.     The additional challenge rule for the quilts to be shown in August will be given at the May meeting; and the additional challenge rule for the quilts to be shown in November will be given at the August meeting.  

5.     At the May, August and November meetings, there will be a prize awarded for viewer's choice.  There may be an additional prize awarded depending on the additional challenge rule.  Example:  if the additional challenge rule is to complete your oldest UFO challenge, there may be a prize awarded for the oldest project completed.

6.     Additionally, for each UFO project brought to the May, August or November meetings, the guild member will earn a chance for a drawing to be held in November for a participation prize.  

7.     Guild members may participate in one or all three of the UFO challenges.
8.     Quilts must be completed to the top stage.  

9.     There is a limit of one quilt or other project (such as wearable art) per participating guild member that will be shown at the May, August, and November meetings.  
If there are any questions, call Suzanne Elliott at (225) 315-4096 or email her at

The Scrappy/Precut Challenge - make do with what you have....

Guidelines:     Value is very important -    Value makes the design work

1)     Deadline is January 2019 - a year of scrappy ideas. Experiment , you have lots to work with!!!!

2)     No minimum size

3)     Block Pattern of your choosing

4)     A scrappy "purple" quilt from the 1st challenge may be entered in this challenge also.