Monday, March 9, 2009

Sew-In Days

Saturday Sew-In is generally scheduled on the second Saturday of the month. It takes place in the same room as our meetings and starts about 8:00am lasting until 4:00pm or until the last person leaves.

Some people bring their lunch and others get take-out. There is plenty opportunity to visit and work and learn and ask questions. A good time is generally had by all.   Members and guests come with sewing machines and projects they are currently working on. Somebody brings an ironing board and iron as well as risers for the tables to raise them to a standing height useful for basting quilts, etc. Projects can be anything:
  • a quilt needing to be basted (sometimes you can even find help)
  • fabric to be cut for a quilt
  • precut fabric to be sewn into blocks
  • etc.
People have even been known to drop by without projects just to visit and help out.
Occasionally, we have classes that take place during Saturday Sew-In, but these usually require sign-up ahead of time.

Sometimes Sew-In Days are cancelled because of proximity to a holiday or a prior commitment at the location or something. Be sure to check your newsletter for upcoming events to find out for sure if it will take place.