Monday, November 15, 2010

River City Auction to benefit Parker House

“Not Your Birthday” Ticket Auction Guidelines

  • Same rules as always, but the tickets are $1.00
  • Buy as many tickets as you like
  • Place your tickets in the containers by the items you like
  • You can put more than one ticket in a container if you so choose
  • Ticket sales continue until the end of the meeting break.

 Silent Auction Guidelines


  • We will be using bidder numbers rather than names, so sign up as soon as you arrive.
  • Just sign your name and get a number.
  • You will get a snack sized paper plate with your number boldly printed on it.
  • After you get your number, feel free to start placing your bids.
  •  The minimum increment to raise on a bid will be designated on the bid sheet (some may be different than others.)
  • Silent Auction bidding continues until the end of the meeting break. You may need to enter more than one bid to outbid your competitors. 
  • An announcement will be made when you have five minutes remaining.
  • A second announcement will be made to halt bidding.
  • All the bid sheets will be picked up and organized

Agenda for October 2010 Meeting


  • Pre-Meeting
    • "Not Your Birthday” Ticket Auction Sales
    • Silent Auction Bidding
    • Hanging of Autumn and Halloween quilts
  • Short meeting
  • Break
    • “Not Your Birthday” Ticket Auction Sales
    • Silent Auction Bidding
  • Halt
  • Drawings for the “Not Your Birthday” Ticket Auction will take place and winners will be announced.
  • Winners will be announced for the Silent Auction items.
    • We want you to know what you have already spent so you’ll know how much you have left for bidding on the Live Auction items
    • Treasurer Team will group Silent Auction bid sheets into groups by winner and total the price owed by each bidder.
    • If you need to leave, you are free to pay at any time after the announcements are made.  
  • Live Auction of special items 
  • Please pay by check or cash before picking up your items.