Sunday, September 29, 2013

President's Message - October 2013

Dear Guild Members,

What great teamwork last month!!!! Everyone appeared to be having fun, and so much was accomplished – thanks to all!

Our main event this month will be our Annual Auction.  Please drop off your baskets, etc. between 2 and 4 PM.  The set up team will be there to receive them.  Members may come early for the meeting in order to have time to look at everything.
NEEDED:  Live Auctioneer!!!  If you would like to do this or share the limelight with someone else, please email me.

The nominations committee will present their recommendations for 2014 Officers.  And there will be a display of t-shirts and instructions for ordering/paying.  The order will be sent in later in the month. So bring your checkbook!
Going to Houston??  I am so looking forward to the show! And also getting inspiration for my own quilting projects.

See you at the meeting, and remember, keep quilting.

Barbara Lankford
President, River City Quilt Guild

The Bring List
  • bring/return  Christmas Lotto Blocks- (Stars and Ho-Ho blocks)  Tommie & Karen Perron
  • bring your $25 to sign up for Michael Young's Big Diamond Quilt Class.  Details in the Calendar
  • bring checks, cash, dough, moulah, bills, bread, fivers, greenbacks, loot, simoleans, smackers, in other words bring lots of money to spend.