Friday, March 6, 2009

Scrap Challenge Guidelines

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March through November

Distribute fabric packets at March meeting. - - Stretch Your Creative self: consider design, color, and theme. Make something special.

Select 6 fabrics to make a specific number of packets. Each Packet: a) bears the participant's name; use adhesive address labels or strips of paper, b) contains 6 squares; one from each selected fabric, each square measures 5½ x 5½ inches.


Chairman, Suzanne Elliott (h) 753‑4312. 28 participants. Each participant makes 28 packets for distribution at the March meeting. One packet for each player, including one for yourself.

At the March meeting, have your fabric packets ready, have your tote or paper bag, name attached . Make sure it sets upright. If you cannot attend, have someone distribute packets for you. There are no allowances for late‑players. If your fabric is not distributed, you do not participate. The bags are lined up, each participant goes thru, and drops one packet into each bag.


Quilt‑store grade fabric 100% cotton that has been washed, pressed, selvages cut off, and cut into generous 5½ inch squares; do no tear the squares. 2/3 yards makes 28 squares (with no cutting errors - so buy a little extra). No solid or tone-on-tone white, cream, or ecru; that is the only color stipulation in the exchange fabrics.


Each packet (Ziploc bag) contains one square each of your 6 selected fabrics. That's a total of 6 squares per packet


  • The project may be any size or shape: miniature, crib, twin, full, queen, king, king‑plus, wall hanging, or even clothing. Finished to "top" stage at the Nov. deadline.
  • All exchanged fabrics must to be 100% cotton, washed, pressed, cut, and no selvages.
  • *Each of the packet fabrics must be used somewhere in the project at least once. Which means some exchanged fabrics may appear on the back of a finished quilt, but those fabrics must be visible. You may use an unlimited number of additional fabrics in your project, anything you wish to use.
  • **Important ‑ do not bring your project to Show and Tell ‑ it is a secret until the Nov. 5th deadline.

  • Beginner or Experienced, first and second places in each category, ribbons and $$.
It's certainly going to be a challenge!