Saturday, March 21, 2009

Road Trip !

Nine ladies attended the quilting road trip on Saturday, March 21 - Margie, Maureen, Thelma, Mary, Melanie, Beth, Joni, Kathy, Patty. We met at the Shoney's parking lot on Siegen Lane at 8:00am and headed out in two vehicles.

First stop was the Quilting Niche in Houma. We descended on that poor store like starving people at a buffet. There was so much lovely fabric to be had. I am sure that Debbie needed a break after we left. I know that she spent at least a solid hour cutting fabric, especially if you consider that we were in the store for a whole two hours.

Next stop was lunch at Griffin's Grill on Tunnel Boulevard. There were sweet potato fries, caesar salads, po-boys, gumbo, cream of crab soup, catfish, and even bread pudding with Captain Jack rum sauce. It was a much needed recharge before heading for our next stop.

Scrap Happy was happy to see us, when we finally got there about 2:00 or so. So much fabric and so little time. More fabric and more patterns and more books, oh my! Thelma demonstrated the travel mustache trimmer and inspired a few converts. Beth was busy helping a lady pick out fabrics to match her inspiration fabric.

A bonus stop at JoAnn's was next. Margie brought coupons for everybody so we each had a 50% off and a 40% off coupon. More parcels and more parcels. It sure is a good thing we had a mini-van with us.

We had to stop at Wendy's for some cold drinks to cool down after that spending workout. Then there was the trip back while we exchanged books and patterns to look over and discuss on the way home.

What a day! You would have loved it!

Next time, make sure you get to go too.