Thursday, December 8, 2016

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

President's Message - November 2016


So much has happened since last we spoke:

  • The Remember Me Fall Arts Jubilee was a big success.
  • The Selfish Round Robin had wonderful participation and stunning winners.
  • Paula Toups provided pillows and pillowcases for those members affected by flood. (We thank you.)
The Houston Market/Quilt Show was just spectacular. 
  • Judy Momenzadah won a Ribbon (Honorable Mention) in the digital imagery for Pirates' Alley and had a second entry, St. Gabriel.  Congratulations on Judy on her win.
  • Connie Ewbank had her booth open with patterns to sell.
  • The UPS trucks will be arriving soon with new fabric orders to see and quilt.
  • Local quilter, Lynne Reamy had an entry in the Lion King exhibit.
  • The 20 foot alligator quilt (saltwater crocodile according to its maker, Susan Carlson of Maine.) was the talk of the show.  She spent several years creating this marvel of piecing and applique techniques.  You can see a time-lapse video of its evolution on You-Tube.
  • Now, Let's see your glorious finds from Houston.  Did you see any interesting classes for the future??
  • There was an example of BRODERIE PERSE quilting on display in the exhibit that dated back to 1850.  The chintz fabrics (called polished cotton when I was a child) were as beautiful and brilliant as the day it was quilted.  It was expertly preserved and continues to be a stunning textile 166 years later. 
We are in luck, Candy Bergeron will demonstrate these techniques for our program this month.

On a sad note, quilter and embroiderer, Janet Stevens, died suddenly last week. Our condolences to her family and friends. She was a member of River City and Remember Me guilds.

There will be Quilts of Valor presentations at the November meeting.  Bring tissues.

Our Christmas Party plans are made.  Bring 5 inch squares, wear fancy sweaters, and eat Pot Luck Dinner (just bring whatever you like, no sign-up list this time) and it is just 2 weeks until Thanksgiving. Time flies when you are having fun.

SEW, dear ones, be inspired, as I am by your creativity and drive,


☆  the Bring list--

  • bring Show & Tell. your regular Show/Tell and your Houston finds
  • bring items and monies for the Birthday Table Extravaganza.
  • bring  for Fat Quarter Drawing -  "Neutrals - Creme, Sand, Gray, Off-White, White and Black"  (up to 4 Fat Quarters)
  • bring & wear your Fiber Name Tag:  You could win $20 !!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

President's Message - October 2016


I hope you all enjoyed our September Social.  It was well-attended by those who could break away from the rebuilding process.  It was a pleasant time of warmth and friendship.  We heard stories that brought a few tears.  We shared the burdens on our souls with friends.  We reacted as all Southerners do in times of crisis and trepidation; we ate !!  Thank you for all the good food and kind hearts.

So, after the storm, this is that time where we get on with our lives.  Yet, it is still a difficult time for many. We have to carry on with our future planning and also get our lives "back on track."  It seems to be a struggle to focus on both things at once. The empathy we feel for our family, friends, and neighbors cannot be eased until all those who were flooded are then back in their homes, sleeping in their own beds, and returning to their normal lives.  We are not there, yet.

Every day has its hurdles.  Every day has its small victories.  Let us Rejoice with every step that puts you closer to where we want to be.

On Thursday evening we will exhibit your good works from The Selfish Round Robin Challenge. Show your stuff !  I am sure you have produced some imaginative borders for your quilts. Voting/prizes.

Thank you to all the members who sewed pillowcases for flood victims.  Paula Toups prepared a huge bin of kits and distributed them at the social.  Folks to all the kits, finished them. and returned them to Paula for distribution.  Paula, Loretta Weber, Pam Grisby, and several other quilters have donated 100's of pillowcases to those in need.  We thank you for your selfless generosity.

Remember......  The River City guild has a sales table at the Remember Me Fall Arts Jubilee on Saturday, October 8th, here at St. Paul's.  Please plan to attend the sale.  Please bring donated items for the guild table.  If you can please work a few hours at the table.  Raffle quilt tickets, Beth's Bags, and many more items of interest. Bring a friend.

AND, Houston Market/Quilt Show is nearly here!! Market begins at the end of month and the show's preview night is Wednesday, November 2nd.  The Quilt Show ends on Sunday, Nov. 6th. That being said, A Reminder - the guild's November meeting date is moved to Thursday, November 10th.  That is the second Thursday of the month.

SEW, dear ones, be inspired, as I am by your creativity and drive,



  • bring your "Selfish Round Robin Challenge"- voting - prizes for viewer's choice
  • bring Show & Tell. your regular Show/Tell and the extra special
  • bring items and monies for the Birthday Table Extravaganza.
  • bring  FQ's for Fat Quarter Drawing -  "Batiks - any color"  (up to 4 Fat Quarters) 
  • bring & wear your Fiber Name Tag:  You could win $20 !!
  • bring any finished pillowcases donated for Paula Toups or contact her at 802 7283 
  • Last chance - to bring donated items for River City Table at the Fall Arts Festival