Monday, December 1, 2014

President's Message - December 2014

Every President's Message I've written this year has a title which you all don't see, but it's been a way for me to organize my thoughts and to keep focused as I moved through the year, such as, The New Year; Keeping the Calendar Full; Making a Quilt, Making Connections; River City Begins with Me; Moving Forward; Milestones and Memories.you get the idea.  

The "best" I've been able to do for December's title is "What Can I Say?"  I am indebted to all the members of our guild, old friends and new, who have helped me so generously with their talents and time this year.  

As the president, you can plan and imagine outcomes, but it rarely comes close to the generosity that actually occurs in life.  Sometimes it's better.  "River City (always) begins with you."  I thank you all.

See you soon,  

Bring List

  • food and monetary donations for the St. John's Church Shepherd's Market
  • Decorate your table with a Centerpiece of Donated Food Items. 
  • Gift Exchange - a sewing related item, please limit to between $10-$15 value.  
  • "Put It In The Box" - Place your written suggestions for 2015 programs

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

President's Message - November 2014

As the mornings become cooler, I am prompted to change the quilts that decorate my home. The quilts going up feature warmer colors than the cool-colors artwork now on the walls. We can all have one last look at a sea-inspired palette as we vote on the Mystery Quilt Challenge on November 6th.  

And Roxanne Brown, the new Louisiana representative for Quilts of Valor, will join us to share the history, and future, of this organization.  The Giving Quilt is sponsoring Block by Block for QOV during QOV’s National Sew Day on February 7, 2015 so come hear about this group that has organized the distribution of over 106,000 quilts to recognize the service of our veterans.  

See you soon, 

the Bring list

  • items for the Birthday table 
  • your Mystery Quilt top 
  • $$ to sign up for the catered Christmas Party Dinner 
  • quilts and things to share at Show and Tell  
  • wear your fiber Name Tag, and participate in FQ lotto 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

President's Message - October 2014

I'm looking forward to getting back to our routine, meeting-wise.  Although Gail Garber (cancellation) will not be at the guild for a lecture or classes, I'm sure we'll find plenty to do with updates from committees and sharing our regular activities that have been set aside over the past three months.  After Show and Tell and the break, we'll finish the meeting with quilters' bingo and a nice selection of prizes.

 And yes, it's time to plan for classes for next year.  Gaye will outline what's available from Judy Holley in January and what we can choose from the class offerings in July from Paula Barnes of Red Crinoline Quilts.

"River City begins with you." 
See you soon, 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

President's Message - September 2014

Please join us in September to participate in our annual auction to benefit Parker House and River City's educational activities.  Candy Bergeron and the Auction Committee have been working hard to present an evening filled with camaraderie and competition over baskets that overflow with goodies and a live auction, as well.  Elena Acosta has been working in the background to ensure an efficient exit at the end of the event. 

Out of all the committees on which you can serve, the Nominating Committee is one that impacts all the activities for the coming year.  The slate that is presented to the membership, plus any guild members nominated from the floor, have a vision of what River City is, and can be.  Barbara Lankford is chairing the committee this year.  Please contact her to participate.
"River City begins with you." 
See you soon, Renee

The Bring List

- bring your finished Christmas Blocks for one last chance. This is the deadline.

- bring juvenile quilt blocks for Community Sew Day.  See Connie
- bring/wear your fiber name tag for the chance at a prize
- bring your checkbook for all of those fabulous buys available at auction

Friday, August 1, 2014

President's Message - August 2014

Everywhere I've lived there has been a "fifth" season.  In Chicago, it was late spring and Construction Season; in San Diego, it was that summer for locals started in late August, when the water truly warms up and the tourists go home.  While this particular trend is just taking hold among quilters on the West Coast, it seems southern quilters have long enjoyed  a "Quilting Retreat Season."

At guild last month at the sign-in table, I posed this question:  If you went on a one-month quilt retreat- what would you hope to accomplish?  (If you didn't write anything down, think about it now, out loud, what you would have written?)  

By stating your intent, you've taken the very first step in moving forward.  If you're not planning to attend retreat with friends, you can certainly try to set aside some time at home to duplicate the experience.  It might mean cooking meals in advance or trading babysitting time with a friend.   My personal answer to the retreat question was to "Learn to use the line drawing function in Photoshop and finish my third Louisiana wildlife piece."  It will definitely take me longer than a four-day retreat to accomplish this, but in a moment of complete fancy, I spoke from my heart.  What is on your Quilt Bucket List??  Carpe diem ----

I'd love to hear your suggestions-think "River City begins with me." 

See you soon, Renee

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

President's Message - July 2014

I have just returned from a week's vacation at Toledo Bend.  While the family went fishing on the boat, I put a line in the water from the boat house and sewed  not all at the same time.  The family was finally convinced I will not go out on the boat when I told them I will NEVER go on a quilting cruise. 

National teacher, Karen Combs, will be joining us on July 10th for a lecture, and classes focusing on taking traditional, intricately pieced blocks and updating the process with the tools and knowledge available to us today.  Gaye has organized three classes; contact her directly for details.
For those of you in the mind set of taking even smaller pieces of fabrics (including those we glean from other quilters' trash cans!) and putting them into gorgeous scrappy quilts, check out our newly forming Bonnie Hunter Fan Club.  The first meeting will be at the Saturday Sew In.  Please note that for July only, the Sew-In will meet on the third Saturday (July 19th). 

As always, I'd love to hear your suggestions think "River City begins with me." 

See you soon, 

the Bring list

  • finished Christmas Blocks. $2/kit to participate in the Christmas Lotto (3 different blocks)
  • balance due for Aug. 23-26 retreat Judson Retreat Center near St. Francisville.
  • 5 inch squares for a Community Sew Day on Aug 9.  The quilt blocks consist of 3 brights and one juvenile fabric.  Bring as many squares as you like.  See Connie Ewbank
  • items and monies for the Birthday Table.
  • 1 or 2 fabrics for Fat Quarter Drawing - in July is Ruby-Red.  
  • Fiber Name Tag:  You could win $10 !!
  • Show & Tell - and Karen Combs quilts

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Workshop Policy/SignUp Form

President's Message - June 2014

On the eve of Memorial Day, I came across an image of the AIDS memorial quilts.  The NAMES Project website refers to the 48,000 panels that have been made, so far, as one body of work:

"The Quilt has redefined the tradition of quilt making in response to contemporary circumstances. A memorial, a tool for education and a work of art, the Quilt is a unique creation, an uncommon and uplifting response to the tragic loss of human life.

We make quilts for many reasons, whether happy, tragic, or momentous; they mark milestones in our lives and memories, and serve as tokens of comfort when we cannot be there for loved ones and others.   The quilt transcends the whole, greater than the sum of its parts.

Quilters also fit this profile when we work together, what we accomplish is greater than what we each do individually.  Sometimes it's an event, like Patti's Pillowcase Party that brings us together, or it might be a communal commemoration, like Memorial Day.  Whatever inspires you to get involved, name it and move forward.

Bonnie Moates will join us at our June meeting to share the complexities of batting.  In my time as a quilter, options for batting have expanded considerably, while old standbys like scrim free cotton batting are still available.  Come and find out what's new and noteworthy. Activities include voting on the Split Nine Patch challenge and introduction of the Christmas Lotto.  This year's theme is Cabin in the Woods.

As always, I'd love to hear your suggestions think "River City begins with me." See you soon, Renee

The Bring List

  • bring your $$ for the Christmas Block kits. $2/kit.
  • bring your $100 deposit for Aug. 23-26 retreat Judson Retreat Center near St. Francisville.
  • bring your UFO entry quilts back for an encore performance that we may see them up close at Show & Tell - and bring your ribbons, too!! (There were 15 participants)
  • bring items and monies for the Birthday Table. see Mary Ruth Fowler
  • bring 1 or 2 fabrics for Fat Quarter Drawing - A choice of 3 Stones/Colors in June, either: Moonstone is a medium pink -  Alexandrite is a medium green - Pearl is white/creme'
  • bring & wear your Fiber Name Tag:  You could win $10 !!
  • bring lots of Show & Tell

Monday, April 28, 2014

President's Message - May 2014

Thank you all for taking time to look at our proposed workshop payment policy and to send comments.  From polling the last five presidents, I determined that there has always been an understanding about what would happen with a cancellation, but as our guild grows and members come from other quilting organizations around the country, it is now necessary to put River City's philosophy about how we fund teachers and workshops into writing so we are all on the same page.
Our program for May is about EQ (Electric Quilt); Sherry Herringshaw and Michael Young will share how they use this software in their quilting.  Activities on May 1st will include voting for your favorite UFO quilt and Month Three of the Mystery Quilt challenge. 

Joni continues to bring more content to our website.  Several links to websites and blogs owned by River City members are now available.  Soon, workshop information will be posted, so the details and the registration form for future classes will be available in one place. 

As always, I'd love to hear your suggestions think "River City begins with me." 

See you soon, Renee

Bring list----  
- bring your questions and comments about the Electric Quilt software or results.
- bring your (1) UFO to exhibit; prize for Viewer's Choice and a prize for the "oldest" project.
- bring items and monies for the Birthday Table. See Mary Ruth Fowler
- bring 1 or 2 fabrics for Fat Quarter Drawing - Color is a rich Emerald Green.
- bring & wear your Fiber Name Tag:  You could win $10 !!

- bring lots of Show & Tell 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

President's Message - April 2014

While attending the GSQA show this past week, I saw many people inspired by the quilts and quilters around them.  Between trips to shows and seminars, most of us find daily inspiration through media, whether it be in literary or digital formats.  

Among my internet bookmarks is a folder for Quilting/blogs and Quilting/design resources.  For those of you who do not follow the musings of other quilters and gaze upon galleries of wonderful quilts in cyberspace, imagine a magazine you can put together page by page.  It’s another resource for inspiration available through technology that I use to make Modern quilts or copies of antique ones. 

Links to websites and blogs owned by River City members--will soon be available on our website!!  With so little time at the meetings to talk, the Internet can be a starting point to become acquainted with what we each do in quilting.  It will also be a great way for me to "shop locally" whenever possible.   Please send requests for inclusion in this venture to Joni.  Her email address is in the header above.

Our program for April will be a trunk show presented by Judy Niemeyer.  I know you are so excited to finally have her here, me too. For Show and Tell, let's feature quilts we've made using paper foundation piecing, even if it's not from a Judy Niemeyer pattern.

Activities for the April 3rd meeting will include a potluck salad supper at 5:30 (please attend if you can) and Month Two of the Mystery Quilt challenge.  The Nine Patch Lotto blocks are due, and one or two lucky winners will receive these beautiful floral-themed blocks.   

As always, I'd love to hear your suggestions-think about, "River City begins with Me."

See you soon, 


Remember - Salad Supper with Judy - starts at 5:30 p.m.  Come early, bring any type of salad.  Meet and eat with our special guest.

The Bring list
- bring your Lotto Block -Split 9-Patch due now.  See Jackie Wood and Julie Shanks
- bring & wear your Fiber Name Tag:  You could win $10 !!
- bring items and monies for the Birthday Table. see Mary Ruth Fowler
- bring 1 or 2 fabrics for Fat Quarter Drawing - Color is White or Sparkles (you interpret), April's birthstone is Diamonds - that are a Girl's best friend, so you decide. 
- bring lots of Show & Tell - got any Judy Niemeyer quilts? Bring paper-pieced quilts, too
- bring your $1 for Mystery Quilt if you wish to join. see Glen Parks. And Remember, Glenda cannot e-mail directions to you (as per the request of the quilt designer), so if you wish to play but cannot attend, you need to speak with her, (h) 753-8248  (c) 252-1100  (e)  
- did you have a quilt in the GSQA Show?? tell us about it, wear your ribbon and  show us your quilt!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

President's Message - March 2014

There is much to do, and see, in quilting in our region this month, assuming the weather cooperates!  River City's retreat is just one of many getaways, as well as the GSQA auction and quilt show providing road trip opportunities.  And one or two new guilds in the area will add to a range of monthly activities throughout the year. 

Our program for March will be presented by Michael Young.  He'll share his ideas and techniques for using templates.  It will be a nice counterpoint to Judy Niemeyer's visit in April showcasing her use of paper foundation piecing.  Activities on March 6th include the sale of the Split Nine Patch lotto block, the Quilt in a Box reveal, and the start of the Mystery Quilt challenge for 2014.  

As we enjoy all that quilting offers beyond a quilt at the end of the process, let's continue to build on those connections that our craft allows us to make through friendships and community service.  

See you soon, 

The Bring List

  • bring your Quilt in a Box (quilt top) for exhibit and viewer's choice, see Margie Bumm
  • bring your $1 for another Mystery Quilt adventure to sew and solve. see Glen Parks. ***Remember, Glenda cannot e-mail directions to you (as per the request of the quilt designer), so if you wish to play but cannot attend, you need to speak with her, (h) 753 8248  (c) 252 1100  (e)  
  • bring items and monies for the Birthday Table. see Mary Ruth Fowler
  • bring $$$ for new lotto block kits, Split 9-Patch due in April.  See Jackie Wood and Julie Shanks
  • bring & wear your Fiber Name Tag:  You could win $10 !!
  • bring 1 or 2 fabrics for Fat Quarter Drawing - Color is Aquamarine, March's birthstone, is a pale to medium blue or blue green. 
  • bring lots of Show & Tell

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

President's Message - February 2014

My January has been filled with quilting activities almost every day.  The family calendar is dotted with acronyms: WWB, CFAL, SSQG, RCQG and KD4Kmy boys now know how it feels when I try to decipher one of their text messages.  Fun for the month was to finish with a four day retreat, which was cancelled the night before due to flooding at the lodge from a burst pipe.  Cynthia McGee contacted everyone and offered a replacement date, all at the same time!   I am so glad she is managing the retreats for another year, as well as securing dates in 2015. 

Please check out our website, , for a calendar of events and a list of quilt shops that Joni is updating frequently.  

Our program for February will be Using Photos in Quilts.  Connie Day, Judy Momenzadah, Judy Holley, and Glen Parks will all share how they use photography in their quilting.  Feb. meeting activities include the Fabric Swap and voting on the River City Logo Block Guild Challenge.  The Lotto Block committee will have packets available, with blocks due in April. 

Thank you for sharing your comments and suggestions for improving the meeting format.  It is a work in progress, and I appreciate all the hands on support at January's meeting with Show and Tell.  

See you soon,