Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

President's Message - February 2014

My January has been filled with quilting activities almost every day.  The family calendar is dotted with acronyms: WWB, CFAL, SSQG, RCQG and KD4Kmy boys now know how it feels when I try to decipher one of their text messages.  Fun for the month was to finish with a four day retreat, which was cancelled the night before due to flooding at the lodge from a burst pipe.  Cynthia McGee contacted everyone and offered a replacement date, all at the same time!   I am so glad she is managing the retreats for another year, as well as securing dates in 2015. 

Please check out our website, , for a calendar of events and a list of quilt shops that Joni is updating frequently.  

Our program for February will be Using Photos in Quilts.  Connie Day, Judy Momenzadah, Judy Holley, and Glen Parks will all share how they use photography in their quilting.  Feb. meeting activities include the Fabric Swap and voting on the River City Logo Block Guild Challenge.  The Lotto Block committee will have packets available, with blocks due in April. 

Thank you for sharing your comments and suggestions for improving the meeting format.  It is a work in progress, and I appreciate all the hands on support at January's meeting with Show and Tell.  

See you soon,