Saturday, March 28, 2009

President's Message April 2009

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone has had a good quilting month! I know that I did! I had a full week of quilting and sewing while visiting a good friend in Virginia. We got a lot done, but nowhere near what was on our 'to-do" list!

I think we are looking forward to hear your reports on Seminar--classes and vendors!
March 21st was National Quilt Day - that was the date of our first 2009 River City Guild Road Trip and it was a lot of fun!! Nine quilters visited the Quilting Niche in Houma, Scrap Happy in Kenner, and even a JoAnn Fabrics store. I think we are ready to plan another fun-filled road trip--Lafayette, maybe?

We have a great program!!! Barbara Hoffman will present a slide show on sewing rooms. I can't wait to see it!! Thanks to everyone who has helped make this feature such a success. I think we will enjoy it and get some awesome ideas to implement in our personal sewing spaces.
I will try not to be too envious of all these innovative applications for a sewing studio. --My "sewing room" is a corner of a bedroom, a limited and "shared" space.

For April, we continue our focus on themed quilts. Please bring examples of Civil War and 30's quilts. And, last but not least, a new River City Quilt Guild surprise!!

Can't wait,


Things to bring to the meeting:
~~ bring the April birthday raffle gift - see Barbara Hoffman
~~ bring Civil War and 30's reproduction quilts to hang for show & tell.
~~ F Q Lotto "Small to Medium florals" - blossoms, blossoms everywhere. 2 entries are the max.
~~ bring your class work and tell us about your GSQA seminar class

Mar 2009 Meeting Minutes

Mary Woltmann, president, welcome, 39 members, 7 guests > 5 new members
- introduction of guests
- a thank-you gift for Thelma Berg
- Retreat news - date set for Sept 4th, 1st weekend in Feb. 2010, this time of year will be established as an annual guild retreat. Cynthia will order Lynn Roddy Brown books for those who want them.
- Kathy Perevosnik has photos of retreat on her computer.
- UFO Challenge
- New voting methods - tweaking of voting methods, 2 ballots, white and orange
- Greeter position - Joni DeVilbiss
- Tote/Purse class info
- Road trip info - to Scrap Happy in Kenner and the Quilting Niche in Houma - sign up sheet
- GSQA classes are still available
- Next month's program - Barbara Hoffman will make presentation on Sewing Studio layouts - if you have some process or useful item to share, please contact her.
- Lynn Roddy Brown workshop - No sew-in date, conflicts with seminar
- Scrap Challenge - Packets distributed
- Lilly Willis won the fat quarters drawing.
- Cheryl Marts won the Name Tag gift certificate.
- Birthday raffle - 5 gifts. winners: Merlene, Linda W., Beverly, Tracey, and Mary W.
See the pictures
- Beth Jessup - a black & white quilt w/ turquoise, colorful sewing machine pad w/snippet bag, retreat quilt won best of show and children's choice awards
- Tommie Morden - had her 1st great grandchild, "Paradise Garden", tote, convertible tote
- Barbara Lankford - used Alaskan fabrics in quilt for great nephew
- Margie Bumm - sister-in-law quilt was finished in 4 days - used a new pattern, Turning 20 with sashing. Took class with Cindy Blackburn - an 8-pointed star
- Linda Wiggins - panel quilt for new grandbaby. Flag wall hanging made in purple and gold colors
- Merlene Lewis - blue work and red work quilts w/bow tie borders for grandsons. redwork sweetheart blocks w/heart borders. Sunbonnet Sues, Nursery rhyme fabrics in 8-pointed stars, blocks with ribbon border.
- Joanna Wilson - took a Linda Wiggins sampler class that she entered in GSQA beginner category - won 3rd
- Glenda Parks - 1) Thimbleberry quilt 2) Paula Toups class on Cotton Theory 3) Quilt University on-line class transferred pictures
- JoPaula Lantier - sewing machine mat/snippet bag, Fat Quarter tote, Big block stars quilt
- Janet Cundiff - Swamp Exhibit piece was a spotted Forrester caterpillar, a 2-block batik quilt
- Cynthia Mcgee - pattern: Take 3 w/ fat quarters, Fons & Porter fan block on point
- Thelma Berg - scrap quilt with sawtooth sash and borders, Hunter's star from Gayle Wallace class, Attic Windows with appliqued tigers emerging from panes. Useful gadget - moustache trimmer from Walgreen's used as seam ripper.
- Mary Woltmann - pumpkin quilt
the end

about the Lynn Roddy Brown lecture and workshop

April 30th -- a national teacher of scrap quilt techniques will lecture (our May meeting) and shall teach a workshop (Sat., May 2nd). Lecture has a $5 fee for non-River City Guild attendees. Workshop is filled. Supply list- see other details from her website

Lynn Roddy Brown Supply list for the workshop - see other details


Blocks are 8 inches finished. You will need 35, 36, or 48 blocks depending on the quilt size.

Quilt layout - Set:

5 blocks by 7 blocks (40" X 56" without borders) or
6 blocks by 6 blocks ( 48" X 48" without borders) or
6 blocks by 8 blocks (48" x 64" without borders)

She teaches scrap quilt theory, designing on a wall, and precise piecing. Because the block has a diagonal line, there are many setting possibilities. This is to be a "no pressure" fun day of learning.

She shows four versions (settings) of this quilt. There are many more.

Bring stash fabrics, learn the techniques, learn about fabric selection, then decide if you want to continue with a very scrappy quilt or use another options. Since all the blocks made in class will be scrappy, the blocks could be combined into a donation quilt, if you like. Of course, if you love your blocks, you have an easy-to-piece quilt. Check Workshops at for photo of Wild West Shuffle.

FABRIC REQUIREMENTS - All "scraps" used for class must measure at least 5.5" X 20". This is approximately one-third of a fat quarter. Do not cut fabric before class. I want to discuss your choices first. For class you will need 8 light fabrics and 8 medium/dark print fabrics, plus more scraps of different values. Please make sure your choices are 100% good quality cotton, washed and pressed. When selecting fabrics, consider fabrics with different colors and visual textures. The medium/dark fabrics should not have large white or tan spots. Don't bring solids or Moda marbles. Please limit tone-on-tones to those with visual texture. Light fabrics have white, beige or pastel backgrounds. For lights, a small pattern usually works best. Don't try to coordinate your choices.


-Sewing Machine in good working order.
-Seam gauge, if you have one.
-100% cotton thread in either beige or light gray.
-Filled bobbins
-Rotary cutter and mat.
-Extra blades.
-Rotary rulers including a small square ruler with a diagonal line (used to trim half-square triangles). -Usual sewing supplies - scissors, seam ripper, pins, etc.
-Spray Starch (may be shared).
-Simple Strategies for Scrap Quilts (book not required)

April Scrap Quilt Hints

Send in your helpful hints for scrap quilting by e-mail to and see them in this column thru the year-

Many guild members (28) are participating in the Scrap Challenge, plus even more members are fond of scrap quilting for its diversity of outcomes. Whatever your reason, pass along your favorite scrap quilting hints.

There is lots to learn from "scrap" fiber compositions:

-- Use up bobbins filled with "odd" colored threads. Empty bobbins used in past projects. You will then have more bobbins at your disposal. Yes, even the chartreuse "frog" greens and passion purples will disappear into the seams of scrap quilts.

-- Need a clean place to start? Use the neutral pallette threads: white, all shades of gray, black, and tan. Buy these spools on sale. Buy a lot of them.......

-- Use yellow or white as "highlights"to draw the viewer to an area of interest, a figure, or design.

- - Incorporate the use of a value finder (Ruby Beholder), gray scale and color wheel. These tools will help you learn a lot about value and color. The human eye is easily tricked by the medium shades.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Road Trip !

Nine ladies attended the quilting road trip on Saturday, March 21 - Margie, Maureen, Thelma, Mary, Melanie, Beth, Joni, Kathy, Patty. We met at the Shoney's parking lot on Siegen Lane at 8:00am and headed out in two vehicles.

First stop was the Quilting Niche in Houma. We descended on that poor store like starving people at a buffet. There was so much lovely fabric to be had. I am sure that Debbie needed a break after we left. I know that she spent at least a solid hour cutting fabric, especially if you consider that we were in the store for a whole two hours.

Next stop was lunch at Griffin's Grill on Tunnel Boulevard. There were sweet potato fries, caesar salads, po-boys, gumbo, cream of crab soup, catfish, and even bread pudding with Captain Jack rum sauce. It was a much needed recharge before heading for our next stop.

Scrap Happy was happy to see us, when we finally got there about 2:00 or so. So much fabric and so little time. More fabric and more patterns and more books, oh my! Thelma demonstrated the travel mustache trimmer and inspired a few converts. Beth was busy helping a lady pick out fabrics to match her inspiration fabric.

A bonus stop at JoAnn's was next. Margie brought coupons for everybody so we each had a 50% off and a 40% off coupon. More parcels and more parcels. It sure is a good thing we had a mini-van with us.

We had to stop at Wendy's for some cold drinks to cool down after that spending workout. Then there was the trip back while we exchanged books and patterns to look over and discuss on the way home.

What a day! You would have loved it!

Next time, make sure you get to go too.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sew-In Days

Saturday Sew-In is generally scheduled on the second Saturday of the month. It takes place in the same room as our meetings and starts about 8:00am lasting until 4:00pm or until the last person leaves.

Some people bring their lunch and others get take-out. There is plenty opportunity to visit and work and learn and ask questions. A good time is generally had by all.   Members and guests come with sewing machines and projects they are currently working on. Somebody brings an ironing board and iron as well as risers for the tables to raise them to a standing height useful for basting quilts, etc. Projects can be anything:
  • a quilt needing to be basted (sometimes you can even find help)
  • fabric to be cut for a quilt
  • precut fabric to be sewn into blocks
  • etc.
People have even been known to drop by without projects just to visit and help out.
Occasionally, we have classes that take place during Saturday Sew-In, but these usually require sign-up ahead of time.

Sometimes Sew-In Days are cancelled because of proximity to a holiday or a prior commitment at the location or something. Be sure to check your newsletter for upcoming events to find out for sure if it will take place.

Feb 2009 Meeting Minutes

Mary Woltmann, president, welcome, 30 members, 5 guests > 3 new members
- introduction of guests, Thanks to Beth for teaching purse class
- Lynn Roddy Brown workshop is filled, w/ a waiting list. She shall lecture Apr. 30th and teach a class May 2nd. Workshop is called Texas Two-Step. ($30) Her book $20. Show of hands for book orders.
- No sew-in date, conflicts with retreat
- Retreat news - Cynthia
- Birthday raffle - 8 gifts
- Auction in Sept., collect items and baskets
- Scrap Challenge - Suzanne Elliott. Sign up. Participants will be contacted. Packets distributed at March meeting.
- Nina Delaune and others will prepare the GSQA lotto block kits for April 18th meeting. Volunteers: Debbie, Elaine, Linda Wiggins, Cynthia, and Suzanne Elliott.
- Mar. 21st - Shop-Hop Road Trip to Scrap Happy in Kenner and the Quilting Niche in Houma. Meets where? what time?? (TBA)
- Susan Mueller will lecture in Clinton on Feb. 11th

Click here to see pictures.

PARA Challenge entries:
- "Paraphernalia - Barbara Lankford - small wall hanging done an inspiration done the night before with beading and embellishments.
- "Parasol" - Debbie Ingram - (2nd place) used boning to make umbrella stand out
- "Parallelogram" - Marilyn Halvorsen - Lone Star block is a parallelogram
- "Paradiddle" - Diana Maloney (3rd place) - a real word, that means a tempo of drum rhythms (with real sound effects devices - Wow!)
- "The Moon Is Making Me Paranoid - Joanna Wilson - (1st place) - a whimsical graphic wall hanging
- "Paraclete - Joyce Perry (2nd place) - a dove on red cross blocks, representative of the Holy Spirit
- "A Pair of Paramecium in Parallel Worlds - Janet Cundiff (2nd) - pears dissected with parallel strips
- "Carter's Playtime Paraphernalia" - Debbie Hulett (2nd place)- rendition of grandson's toys as applique blocks
- "Paradise Quilt Shop - Nina Delaune (3rd place)
- "Paradise or Pears and Dice" - Georgia Narrow

- President's Quilts

Thelma Berg (president in 1987 ) her quilt is still a UFO to be bound. She made bow ties with the extra blocks.
Lilly Willis - Lily Pad blocks made by the members, and hand quilted by the Wed. Group.
Margie Bumm - her president's quilt was a jacket.
Melanie West - cat quilt.
Mary Felder (pres. of Patchwork Pelicans) Sunbonnet Sues appliqued and embroidered.
-Suzanne Elliott - Lady Bugs Picnic for granddaughter, Annie. Red, White, and blue 8-pointed stars.
- Nancy Clement showed a UFO (Tessellated maple leaves) and announced that this was her last meeting. She would join her family in Texas. Thanks to everyone for their sharing and their comradery, and especially Thelma Berg for all the quilt knowledge that she had shared.
- a tell - Karen Perron attended the GSQA meeting - lecturer, Linda Griffith studio suggestions: measure studio space, convert its measurements and furnishings to graph paper, manipulate. Make 3 piles: Keep, Toss, and Donate. Incorporate vertical shelving or magazine racks. Plan for a design wall.
- Beth Jessup - will teach another tote class. County Lines pattern. June 13th
- Michael Young - granddaughters, Heaven and Ember, each will have a twin-size quilt, one is Hanna Montana, the other is Dora the Explorer.
- Mary Woltmann - a UFO, 8-pointed stars in Civil War repo's, a present for a friend, Tracey

Birthday Raffle winners: Barbara Lamb, Cynthia, Suzanne, Karen Perron, Joanna Wilson, Kathy Wyble, and Glenda Parks

- After the break the "Not Ready for Paducah Players," (Margie, Mary, Joni, Beth, and Suzanne) presented a tableau on "Busted By The Quilt Police." Beth recited nearly every reason, lame excuse, or whim ever uttered by a quilter as she purchases fabric (whether needed or wanted). Beth noted that trouble starts with an innocent fat quarter purchase and quickly escalates to a "fabric monkey on your back" (like drug addiction), once you start- you cannot stop. The Quilt Police acted with an Intervention / citation. Suzanne as judge sentenced the perpetrators to finish 3 UFO projects before the year is out!! Quite funny.

Lilly Willis won the fat quarters drawing.

Debbie Hulett won the name Tag gift certificate.

President's Message March 2009

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a good month! I am sure that our "re-treaters" did! We are all looking forward to retreat show & tell. Many thanks to all who participated in the "Para-Challenge". It was a great success. You are all very talented and creative! I loved all the different interpretations of "Para-." One piece of good news is that we are still eligible for consideration for the Ultimate Guild Challenge at AQS. Pictures and write-ups will be mailed. Keep our fingers crossed!

This month we are going to have a "hands-on" program. We are going to have several different sewing stations set up for demonstrating different ways to make half-square triangles. Best of all, not only will you see the demo, but you will get a chance to try each of the methods. I know each of us has a favorite way to make half-square triangles, but this may introduce you to a new method.

Also, we will have another station set up featuring different ways to store your projects, works in progress, or UFO's. If you have a special storage method, please bring it for the demo.

Continuing our special monthly quilt focus, we are asking you to bring "quilts that you started in a class" for show & tell. I am sure we will see lots of quilts!

Beth Jessup has agreed to teach another purse class! Details are in the newsletter. Thank you, Beth!!

My many thanks for the wonderful participation in the birthday table raffle! It has fun for all and a great success.

One last thing----Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 21st----River City Quilt Guild's first shop hop for 2009! We are planning a trip to Scrap Happy in Kenner and to the Quilting Niche in Houma. Makes plans to be there! It will be great fun for all!!

Thanks, Mary

Things to bring to the meeting:

  • bring the March birthday raffle gift - see Barbara Hoffman
  • bring quilts "You started it in class" or from seminars, retreats, workshops, (please identify the teacher) to hang and for show & tell.
  • F Q Lotto "Pinks" - pink blossoms are our precursor of Spring here in Louisiana, Japanese magnolias, red bud trees, azaleas, camellias, and pink dogwoods. Pick from the palest pastel pinks to lusty fuchsias. 2 entries are the max.
  • bring your Scrap Challenge packets. (Amelia has acquired 28 paper bags from Whole Foods and has offered to provide one for each participant in the challenge. Thanks Amelia, we appreciate it.) reminders from Suzanne Elliott, chairman, "Each participant will bring the fabrics home and will make something stunning. A piece of each scrap fabric provided must be included in the project. Finished projects (finished to the top), will be shown at the November meeting. Any questions? Folks may call at 753‑4312 or e‑mail .
  • Wear Your (fiber) Name Tag - your name is then entered in a drawing for a $10 gift certificate, awarded at that meeting. At every regular monthly meeting, you have a chance to win. Does not apply to sew-ins dates. Paper tags are not eligible.

Feb 2009 Retreat a Big Success

The weekend was really nice. The weather was rainy, but not too cold. Sat. night the water was out for 2 hours, but by midnight it was back on. We had several new faces and friends (17). Tommy, Elaine, and Robbie all brought friends, and Sara Leblanc, who came to the Jan. guild meeting. She came with her daughter who beads. At the last minute, Tracy Gallagher, a lady Beth met at Pam French's retreat center, joined us too. They all enjoyed it and hopes that we will have space in future retreats for them! I collected money from everybody. The Retreat Center said they will call me with a total numbers, and bill us (me). They did not want any money this weekend. We obviously have a good reputation with them. As you wanted, I plan to ask them about the possibility of setting a future "annual" River City retreat. I asked around and the majority felt 1st Sat. (weekend) in Feb. would be better than 2nd or 3rd. The next runner up was 2nd Sat. (weekend) like we just had because Mardi Gras will interfere with 3rd weekend. Please let me know your preference.

We all have projects to show at the March meeting. I finished one UFO and have another close to completion. Thelma finished a UFO. Margie put together an entire double Irish chain quilt, finished her batik/black border top, and started a paper pieced Mariner's compass. Kathy made some cute place mats for her two nieces. Several of us made the pin cushion/snippet holders. The directions were pitiful, but with wonderful help Beth and Norma, we were able to complete them. Beth also made an amazing top with a collection of black/white squares surrounded by turquoise blue for her daughter. Charlene worked on tops with scrappy pinwheels, and Norma was battling a complex "Louisiana" block. Joni put together another black/white collection mixed in with red/black blocks. Elaine must have made 500 half square triangles for a beautiful scrap quilt and Robbie made bear paw blocks with the center square as a fussy cut brown bear.

A special thanks to Thelma Berg and Terry Buchanan for donating door prizes at our retreat.
Next Retreat is set for Sep. 4th. Interested?? Talk to me, Cynthia McGee (h) 665‑8720 (c) 921‑3544

Click here to see the pictures.


GSQA - Gulf States Quilting Association
P. O. Box 8391 Metairie, LA 70011-8391

GSQA is a regional network of guilds and individuals who share a common thread, the love of quilts and quilt construction. Its membership resides in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and panhandle of Florida. Its goal is to educate its members and the general public in the artistry of quilt making and the preservation of quilt history in America. This is accomplished through quilting shows, seminars, workshops, and lectures. General meetings are held quarterly during the month of January, April, July, and October on the third Saturday of the month. Each meeting is hosted by a different guild and held in different locations throughout the region.

“Pursuit of Excellence” is an educational workshop activity that is offered to disburse quilt knowledge to its members. Two GSQA members from each guild may attend one of the classes held every other month. There is a kit fee or a supply list that is made available for class participation. There is a P. O. E. chairperson. The guild president asks for volunteers to attend and report on the newly learned techniques.

Circuit teachers are available to tutor GSQA members in a number of different techniques. A workshop is organized with a certain teacher. Optimum class size is about 20. Plans are made months in advance, with a date and space reserved. GSA members from different local guilds may organize a class. Contact the GSQA circuit teacher chairman to schedule classes.

In April, an educational seminar is held in Long Beach, MS. See annual calendar for details.

The guild was founded by Marion Maerke of New Orleans in January, 1984. It was an off-shoot of the National Quilting Association organized to keep alive the interest in quilting generated by the American Bicentennial of 1976. She remains an active participant in its growth and activities. GSQA now boasts a membership of 70 chapter guilds and 800+ members.

In odd-numbered years GSQA sponsors a quilt show. In 1993, the show was held at the Landmark Hotel in Metairie, LA. Quilts were accepted from members and from nonmembers around the country in eight categories. Quilts were judged if requested. GSQA members act as docents. Show activities cover the weekend, Friday until Sunday. There was also a banquet, brunch and fashion show.

Membership in GSQA is not mandatory. As a member of the River City Quilting Guild, you are not required to join GSQA, but you MUST be a member to attend a GSQA-sponsored workshop. Nearly one-half of the River City Quilting Guild are members. Dues are $20, paid annually. A quarterly newsletter is mailed with announcements of upcoming events and meeting notices.

Go to the GSQA website for a membership form and other information.

Community Service

As a guild, River city prides itself in its pursuit of learning and application of educational skills, offering a forum for discussion and display of a quilter’s expertise. The guild goes one step further in providing volunteer service to the community in hopes of enriching the lives of some of the citizens of the Baton Rouge area.

Parker House

Contact: Darlene Abbot, social worker and coordinator of volunteer services, 578 Caddo Street, Baton Rouge, 928-9398 for any in-kind donations.

What is Parker House?

As a branch of Volunteers of America, Parker House is a local facility for abused children. It is a clearinghouse and clinical treatment facility for children (60) that have become wards of the court through no fault of their own. The immediate solution is to provide a stable home environment at the main facility of Parker House on Caddo St. or through its network of foster care operations. The long-term goal is to either return the child to his parents when it has been determined to be a safe environment or placement in foster care or in adoptive family surroundings. It is not an easy task. Many of this children are “hard to place” due to mental, physical, or psychological handicaps.

The youth population is disbursed into four programs: Parker House (Caddo St.) has seven beds available, Therapeutic Foster Care treats about 20, the balance is distributed between Family-based Services (those at-risk children who may be remanded to state custody) and a new fourth phase, Post Adoptive Care Clinic. The latter phase came into being when it became apparent that children traumatized by abuse often have serious emotional problems that surface at the onset of puberty. Some problems persist even after the child had been placed in a good home environment and had been adopted.

Child abuse is a hurt that seems to linger for a long time. Its effects are long lasting.

Funding is multi-level: Office of Community Services, a state agency, provides 66%, Federal grant monies provide a small portion for clinical time, the other 33% of the operating budget is made up of the United Way, Junior League, Kiwanis, and in-kind donations made by organizations like us. Some of these donations include school supplies, toys, clothing and household items.

What service does the guild provide?

The guild members make quilts to be given to the children involved in the Parker House system. Darlene lets the child select his or her own quilt. It is theirs to keep for always. The population is primarily adolescent, but there are some crib babies. The quilts that are made are usually lap size, machine quilted or tied, sporting juvenile themes such as: cartoons, animals, boy or girl, just about anything. Cheater cloth is fun to use here.


River City Quilt Guild, Inc. By-Laws

1989-90, Revised June 4, 1992, Revised/approved June 5, 1997

Sec. 1. The name of this Corporation shall be River City Quilting Guild, Inc.
Sec. 2. Hereinafter, “Guild” and/or “Organization” are used interchangeably.
Sec. 1. The purpose of this Organization shall be to create, stimulate, maintain and demonstrate an interest in all things relating to quilt and quilt making. This shall be accomplished through sponsoring and supporting community service endeavors, through quilting shows, seminars, workshops, demonstrations and lectures.
Sec. 2. Dues, donations and funds received through such educational endeavors shall be used to further the purpose stated above, Article II Section 1.
a. The Guild is not organized for pecuniary profit and no part of its income shall inure to the benefit of any member, directory (however styled), officer of the Guild, or any private individual. Reimbursement for expenditures or the reasonable compensation for services rendered shall not be deemed to be the distribution of income or principal.
b. In the event of dissolution, all property of the Guild, from whatever source, shall be distributed only to institutions, agencies, and activities engaged in exercising some function with respect to quilting or needlework, as shall qualify as exempt organizations under the IRS Code of United States, and as the Executive Board of the Guild may at that time determine.
c. Funding of projects by the Guild shall be approved by a majority of members voting at a Business Meeting. Projects to be considered shall be recommended to the membership by the Executive Board.
Sec. 3. The Organization shall remain non-partisan.
Sec. 4. There are no stockholders in the Organization.
Sec. 1. Membership in the Guild shall be by payment of appropriate dues. Dues shall not be refundable.
Sec. 2. Members shall be active in some phase of the art of quilting or genuinely interested in the development and preservation of the art.
Sec. 3. Members must be willing to serve on committees and make payment of appropriate dues.
Sec. 4. Members shall be eligible to vote by ballot on amending of the Bylaws and the election of officers. Each member shall have one (1) vote. Ballots are to be mailed to the membership three (3) weeks prior to the next business meeting. Voting shall be by ballots received by mail prior to the date of the next Business Meeting. The President will abstain from voting by ballot in order to cast his/her vote in the event of any tie vote.
Sec. 5. Prospective members are welcome to attend two (2) meetings after which, if interested in attending further, they will be expected to become dues paying members.
Sec. 6. If a member is delinquent in dues, the member’s record shall be filed as inactive and said member shall have no voting privilege. A member may be reinstated upon payment of appropriate dues.
Sec. 7. No person shall be discriminated against because of race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex or handicap.
Sec. 8. Membership in the Guild may be revoked by a majority vote of the membership if unethical or improper behavior is consistently displayed by such a member.
Sec. 1. The amount of dues for the Guild shall be set and can be increased or decreased by majority vote of the membership as recommended by the Executive Board.
Sec. 2. Renewals shall be due in January of each year. Dues will be considered delinquent by the end of February each year.
Sec. 3. Prospective members joining between January 1 and June 30 of each calendar year will pay the full amount of dues. Prospective members joining between July 1 and December 1 of each calendar year will pay hal-amount of Guild dues.
Sec. 1. The Officers of the Guild shall consist of President, Vice-President/Program Director, Secretary, and Treasurer. They shall serve on the Executive Board.
Sec. 2. These officers shall be elected by ballot at an election to take place prior to the November Business Meeting. The officers-elect shall be installed and assume their duties in January.
Sec. 3. Each officer shall be elected for a term of one (1) year and shall not serve in the same position for more than two (2) consecutive terms.
Sec. 4. Offices which become vacant shall be filled to their expiration date through appointment by the President with the approval of the Executive Board. Terms of office shall run from January 1 through December 31 of each year.
Sec. 5. Any officer or chairperson not performing his/her duties in a proper and satisfactory manner as outlined in the these By-Laws, may be removed from that position following a majority vote of the membership.
Sec. 6. Duties of Officers shall be as follows:
a. PRESIDENT: The president shall preside at all Guild and Executiye Board Meetings, shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except for the Nominating Committee, and shall perform such other duties as are incidental to the office. He/she shall provide general supervision over the business and affairs of the Organization. He/she shall appoint committee chairpersons as needed.
b. VICE-PRESIDENT/PROGRAM DIRECTOR: The Vice-President shall, in the absence of the President, perform all the duties of the President. He/she shall plan and implement programs for all regular Business Meetings which further the stated purpose of the Organization.
c. SECRETARY: The Secretary shall keep the Minutes of all meetings and shall send a copy to the President within seven (7) days following any meeting. He/she shall maintain, for future reference, a permanent record of all Minutes and other materials pertaining thereto. He/she shall conduct all general correspondence and report to the Executive Board all official communications. He/she shall keep a copy of all correspondence and communications on file and accessible to the Board at all times. He/she shall keep a records of all members names and addresses and all subsequent changes, and shall issue updated copies of membership lists to members as necessary.
d. TREASURER: The Treasurer shall perform the banking and maintenance of all financial records and accounts. He/she shall disburse moneys as approved by the Executive Board. He/she shall act as custodian of the funds, collect dues and fees, and present an itemized account of receipts/ disbursements and a copy of each bank statement reconcilement at each Business Meeting. A copy is to be filed with the President within seven (7) days following the meeting. He/she shall have available all records and books and prepare a Financial Statement to be submitted for review by the Executive Board at the close of the fiscal year. He/she shall follow the regulations of the IRS with respect to the operation of a nonprofit, education organization for the calendar year of his/her term of office and see that appropriate forms are filed with the IRS each year.
Sec. 1. The Executive Board shall consist of the current Officers and the immediate past President of the Guild. Only these members shall have voting privileges at Board Meetings.
Sec. 2. The Board shall manage the affairs of the Guild and shall present all major recommendations for approval by the membership as consistent with these By-Laws.
Sec. 3. All members of the Board shall fulfill duties of their offices without compensation.
Sec. 4. A quorum shall be necessary for any voting procedures and shall consist of no fewer than three (3) members. Each Board member shall have one (1) vote.
Sec. 1. Chairperson(s) of Committees shall be appointed by the President as necessary and shall function fo the time required to accomplish the purpose of the committee.
Sec. 2. The Nomination Committee shall consist of three (3) Members-At-Large and two (2) officers. They shall be appointed by the Executive Board in August to:
a. Present a slate of one (1) nominee, with the consent of the nominee, for each office in October for election in November.
b. Accept nominations from the floor during the October Business Meeting, with prior consent to serve from the nominee.
c. Prepare and mail ballots, with stamped/addressed return envelopes, for the election of officers.
d. Count the ballots at the November Business Meeting and present the election results at the
November Business Meeting.
Sec. 1. Business Meetings shall be held as needed with at least three (3) days notice to the membership stating the purpose of the meeting. These meetings shall be for the purpose of conducting the business of the Organization, installation of officers, education and fellowship.
Sec. 2. A quorum at a Business Meeting shall consist of no fewer than 25% of the active members. This quorum shall be necessary for any voting procedures.
Sec. 3. The Executive Board shall meet as needed with at least three (3) days notice to the membership.
a. Any active member may attend and participate in any Executive Board meeting but shall have no vote on any matter(s) proposed.
b. A meeting of the Executive Board may be called if recommended by the President, or by two (2) Board Members.
Sec. 1. All checks must be signed by the Treasurer or, in his/her absence, by the President.
Sec. 2. The Treasurer shall submit the Organization’s financial books and data to the outgoing Executive Board for an annual review between the close of the calendar year and January 15, at any other time there is a change of Treasurer, or at any other time it is deemed necessary by the Executive Board.
Sec. 3. The Executive Board shall approve the Financial Statements of the Treasurer with one (1) copy, so approved, going to the Treasurer for filing, and one (1) copy going to the Secretary for filing with the Organization Records.
Sec. 1. Amendments to these By-Laws may be :
a. Proposed in writing by the Executive Board, or
b. Proposed in writing by a member/members, or
c. Recommended by an Ad-Hoc Committee on By-Law Amendments.
Sec. 2. Proposed Amendment(s) shall be submitted to the membership in writing and shall be voted on by written ballot at the Business Meeting next following such written submission to the members.
Sec. 3. Amendments shall be approved by a majority of the members voting and shall become effective upon approval.
Sec. 1. The Rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern the meetings of this Guild in all cases in which they are consistent with the By-Laws.

Guild History

A Quilter’s Tale
The History of the River City Quilt Guild

By Suzi Montague based on information provided by Pat Hodgin, et al

Once upon a time there was only one quilt guild in town, the Patchwork Pelicans, a close group of about 12. There were other quilters in Baton Rouge who longed for the kinship of quilting. So began their odyssey with a few members from the Embroiderers Guild of America. The group gained focus with Julie Mohr in 1984. What began as a cluster of helping hands, to assist Julie in creating and completing a quilt show for the NQA-GSQA, became the charter membership of the guild.

Julie Mohr is an NQA certified quilting instructor with skills in hand piecing, hand quilting and appliqué. She is a Midwesterner with Mennonite roots and a long family history of quilting.
Names you may recognize from the “good old days” are Ann Crossley, Gail McClain, Pam Rosebrook, Thelma Berg, Ella Wilkinson (Gail Bass’s Mom), Louise Bradford, Marilyn Kelley, Barbara Hoffman, Pat Hodgin, Marsha Dardenne, Lynne Frutiger and Norma McGee to name just a few.

1985 – “Le Fete’ de Piquage” – National Quilting Association. The debut at the Great Hall of the Bellemont Hotel presented a judged show, fashion show, luncheon, and merchants’ mall. Kit Carpenter won Best of Show with a quilt, which later went on to win at the AQS show in Paducah, KY. Veronica Fitzgerald also entered a quilt, which later won Best of Show at Quilt National held in Ohio in 1987.

Guild Name: Suggested by David Kelley, husband of Marilyn.

Original Guild Logo: In 1985, Lynne Frutiger and Norma McGee created a Baton Rouge skyline logo which was appliquéd on docent aprons used at the show.

Present Guild Logo and Pin: Deanna Carney made this design in 1988. She now resides in Norway. Her use of color (blue, fuschia and green) and their placement was to depict azaleas by a body of water.

Guild Banner: Created by Eileen Parent.

Initially, members met in one another’s homes. As the guild grew in number, the Goodwood Library became the permanent meeting place.


1985 – There was a succession of presidents: Marsha Dardenne, Pat Hodgin, then Thelma Berg completed the year.
1986 - Thelma Berg
1987 - Thelma Berg
2007 - Margie Bumm
2008 - Margie Bumm
2009 - Mary Woltmann
2010 - Mary Woltmann
2011 - Jo Paula Lantier
2012 - Cynthia McGee
2013 - Barbara Lankford
2014 - Renee Hoeprich
2015 - Renee Hoeprich
2016 - Daisy Comeaux
2017 - Daisy Comeaux
2018 - Elena Acosta

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fat Quarter Lotto

Generally a specific color or group of colors is designated ahead of time. Each person can bring up to 2 fat quarters of that color and put them in the pile. For each fat quarter, you get to put your name in the hat for the drawing. After break sometime, a name will be drawn and the winner gets all of the fat quarters that were brought that evening.

Focus on Name Tags

Yet, one more incentive !! Has this ever happened to you? During Show & Tell, SOMEONE shows the perfect quilt‑‑it's gorgeous, you love it, you want to make it, but just WHO in the world showed it?? What IS their name?? You really don't want to say "Hey you!." Well, we want to help you past this embarrassment. We shall focus on Name Tags (that way we get to know each other a little better) in 2009. We have lots of members (including me) that don't know each others' names. We know each others' faces, but we can't always put a name with the face. In an effort to get guild members to wear their fiber name tags, the board decided to give a little nudge. At every regular meeting, there will be a drawing for a $10 gift certificate‑‑‑‑one catch‑‑you MUST be wearing your name tag during that meeting in order to have a chance to win. (You can't win with a paper tag "hello, my name is".)

2009 UFO Challenge

Among the 2009 challenges, the guild will have a UFO challenge. I imagine that there may be a few of us with some UFO's lurking in the closet, so let this challenge be a good reason to start completing them! Here's how it works. At the Jan. and Feb. meetings, (see Suzanne Elliott) everyone who wishes to participate will write down the names of the UFO's and the level of completion. Each person will decide what "completed" means to them. You may decide that for some projects, just completing to the top stage may be your "Yeah, it's DONE!!!" For others, it is all the way -- quilted/bound/finished. What you cannot do is apply 2 levels to one project– Choose one, either: 1) complete top, 2) complete quilting, 3) complete binding. One UFO equals one level of completion.(a pieced top, quilted, or bound). You can mix and match levels for all your projects. Think about kits, sets of blocks, quilt tops, etc. For every project that is completed that person will put his/her name in the hat. At the Christmas party, there will be a drawing for a prize or maybe prizes.

Although Show & Tell is not technically required, it would be GREAT for each person to show their completed UFO at the guild meeting when they put their name in the hat. Inspiration to us all!!!!
Suzanne Elliot has graciously offered to be in charge of this challenge. She will keep the UFO sign up board and the names for the drawing.

It's definitely going to be a challenge!

Welcome New Members

Ellen Couvillion
Brenda Gauthier
Stella Goodbee
Carol Hughes
Maureen Miller
Kathleen Wyble

Scrap Challenge Guidelines

:(sign-up required)

March through November

Distribute fabric packets at March meeting. - - Stretch Your Creative self: consider design, color, and theme. Make something special.

Select 6 fabrics to make a specific number of packets. Each Packet: a) bears the participant's name; use adhesive address labels or strips of paper, b) contains 6 squares; one from each selected fabric, each square measures 5½ x 5½ inches.


Chairman, Suzanne Elliott (h) 753‑4312. 28 participants. Each participant makes 28 packets for distribution at the March meeting. One packet for each player, including one for yourself.

At the March meeting, have your fabric packets ready, have your tote or paper bag, name attached . Make sure it sets upright. If you cannot attend, have someone distribute packets for you. There are no allowances for late‑players. If your fabric is not distributed, you do not participate. The bags are lined up, each participant goes thru, and drops one packet into each bag.


Quilt‑store grade fabric 100% cotton that has been washed, pressed, selvages cut off, and cut into generous 5½ inch squares; do no tear the squares. 2/3 yards makes 28 squares (with no cutting errors - so buy a little extra). No solid or tone-on-tone white, cream, or ecru; that is the only color stipulation in the exchange fabrics.


Each packet (Ziploc bag) contains one square each of your 6 selected fabrics. That's a total of 6 squares per packet


  • The project may be any size or shape: miniature, crib, twin, full, queen, king, king‑plus, wall hanging, or even clothing. Finished to "top" stage at the Nov. deadline.
  • All exchanged fabrics must to be 100% cotton, washed, pressed, cut, and no selvages.
  • *Each of the packet fabrics must be used somewhere in the project at least once. Which means some exchanged fabrics may appear on the back of a finished quilt, but those fabrics must be visible. You may use an unlimited number of additional fabrics in your project, anything you wish to use.
  • **Important ‑ do not bring your project to Show and Tell ‑ it is a secret until the Nov. 5th deadline.

  • Beginner or Experienced, first and second places in each category, ribbons and $$.
It's certainly going to be a challenge!

Birthday Raffle Gift Table

At the meeting of your birthday month, you are asked to bring a small unwrapped gift. It could be a few fat quarters, a gadget or notion, candy, note cards, book or pattern, or just anything you think your fellow members would like. Each gift shall be placed on a table along with the name of the giver and a receptacle for raffle tickets ($.25 each). Tickets will be for sale during the first half of the meeting. Guild members may buy an unlimited number of chances, write their name on each ticket, place the chances in any of the receptacles, then a separate drawing for each gift. Winners will be drawn near the end of the evening. Monies from the raffle go into the guild treasury. (No door prizes this year)


Our guild meets at 6:30pm
first Thursdays at
St. Paul's Lutheran Church
2021 Tara Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA

Come at 6:00 to visit before the meeting....Several groups meet for dinner before the meeting as well.