Wednesday, August 9, 2017

President's Message - August 2017


            It's time to let your creativity shine with the exhibit of the "Selfie" Round Robin Challenge.  Your works are always such interesting interpretations of the challenge directions.  We vote for Viewer's Choice and award cash prizes - 1st, 2nd , and 3rd.

            Also this month, there will be a short demonstration on First Aid For Quilters with Peggy Bourgeois and Sharon Holder.

            Remember to turn in your Christmas Lotto Blocks and your (Lucky Stars) Lotto Blocks.  You can get extra chances when you turn in your blocks early.

            The 2017 Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler Shop Hop has been quite successful through its first weekend with the 2nd weekend coming up now.  Let's hope the weather will cooperate.

            Our "Christmas in July" soiree was a big hit.  The food and the company was delightful.

            We take a moment to pause and remember the chaos of one year ago this week.  The effects of the August Rains of 2016 seemed unending. One year has gone by with most of us back in our homes and back to our lives.  Some scars still remain.  The goodness of others helped to mend homes and hearts. The Bridge Over Troubled Water quilting drive brought out the very best in all of us and blessings all around.

            At the Louisiana Arts & Sciences Museum on River Road (the old train station) there is an exhibit, "Faces of the Flood" on display until September 3rd.  A collection of photos from professional and amateur photographers and social media, rendered into a montage of emotion.

            Just a reminder.... This is the last leg of my second term as guild president.  It has been a very rewarding time for me.  In the next few months, we will appoint a nominating committee and chairman to select the next slate of officers.  It is time for members to step up and volunteer to lead the guild in 2018.  Please give that idea some consideration.  It is exciting and very rewarding to facilitate the quilting experience that we all share.  Bring something to the table and serve as an officer.

SEW, dear ones, be inspired, as I am by your creativity and drive,


the Bring list
- bring return Lotto blocks
- bring Show & Tell.
- bring items/monies for the Birthday Table, etc.
- bring  FQ's for Fat Quarter Drawing -  "Oranges "   (max. of 4 Fat Quarters) solids or prints.
- bring  $$ for Christmas Lotto Blocks - - *Return your sewn blocks for multiple chances                       see Jo Doherty and Joni DeVilbiss 
- bring  $$ for Lotto Blocks  (Lucky Stars) - see Alice Fredlund and Mary Daigle

- wear your Fiber Name Tag:  You could win $10 in River City Bonus Bucks !!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

President's Message - June 2017


This meeting we will have Candy Bergeron present her lecture on Broderie Perse.  She will have beautiful quilts and samples to view.  If you have quilted items using this technique, please bring them to Show & Tell.

Not to steal Candy's thunder, but in French "broderie perse" means Persian embroidery, but it also refers to the lovely technique of appliquing printed chintz flowers and other motifs onto another fabric. These exquisite quilts have been made since the 1700s.

Historically, chintz fabrics were prevalent in the port city of New Orleans in the early 1800's.

At the 2016 Houston Quilt Show, there was an example of BRODERIE PERSE quilting on display in the exhibit hall that dated back to 1850.  The chintz fabrics (called polished cotton when I was a child) were as beautiful and brilliant as the day it was quilted.  It was expertly preserved and continues to be a stunning textile 167 years later.

Also at this June meeting, the first of 5 designs for Christmas Lotto Blocks will be ready for purchase. Next month, in July, we will celebrate "Christmas in July" with a pot-luck supper and other special details.

Just a reminder, along with crawfish season and football season, June 1st marks the beginning of Hurricane Season.  Just be apprised that the guild works on the "Prudent Woman" contingency plan. If there is bad weather, whether rain or snow on meeting night, act as your own steward for your own safety.  If it is perilous for you to travel that evening, then stay home.  We all have our limitations.  If we can send out an email quickly enough, then a message will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Hurricane fun fact - Walmart sells the most Pop-Tarts during a storm event.

Thanks to Elena for last month's demonstration on how cutting machines work and how it can be applied to quilting and crafting.  Some models scan and cut original designs.

Thanks to our refreshment ladies for this month.

SEW, dear ones, be inspired, as I am by your creativity and drive,


the Bring list

  • bring Show & Tell. Regular stuff and Broderie Perse quilts
  • bring items/monies for the Birthday Table, lotto kits, 
  • bring  for Fat Quarter Drawing -  "Turquoise/ Aqua"   (max. of 4 Fat Quarters) (Ladies - your fat quarters may be solids or prints.  You can mix your choices.)
  • wear your Fiber Name Tag:  You could win $10 in River City Bonus Bucks !!
  • bring  $$ for Christmas Lotto Blocks -- 5 distinctly different mystery designs,see Jo Doherty and Joni DeVilbiss

May 2017 minutes

River City Quilt Guild

May 18, 2017 Meeting

  1. Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm and welcome given by Daisy Comeaux, President.
  2. There was 1 guest at the meeting. 29 Members in attendance. No one stood up for May Birthdays.
  3. Treasurer Cindy Jones gave report for April 2017. We have 80 paying members at this point. The bank balance as of April 30, 2017 is $9912.66. Glenn Parks made motion to accept report and was seconded by Paula St. Romain. It passed by membership with no discussion.
  4. Announcements and Business before break:
    1. Elena Acosta announced that there was no border challenge for the Selfie Round Robbin Challenge this month, but a new one will be announced in June.
    2. Alice Fredlund said 39 lotto blocks were completed and 2 partial blocks completed. Drawing was made after break and Charlene Wilson and Mary White were winners. A new lotto block will be started in June. No one had a preference for type of blocks.
    3. Changes in Combined Sew Day was changed to May 20 because of conflicts with St. Paul's Church. Bebe Tulley will be host for River City. The future dates so far are: June 17-BR Modern Guild, July 15-Remember Me (Beth Jessup will teach a Cross-Body Tote project), and August 12-River City.
    4. Renee Hoeprich said that the Bridge of the Trouble Waters had 3 storage units, and they received 10000 yds. of fabric, 60 sewing machines, lots of notions, and 20 sewing cabinets
    5. Daisy Comeaux is working with Lori Steib of Remember Me and Kathy Poche of Cajun Country Quilters to coordinated Gail Garber's trip to Baton Rouge area. Cena Harmon of GSQA Coordinator for Gail's trip will not be able to firm details until after June when she gets back from a trip. We are hoping to have a class on Tuesday and we have been invited to lecture that night at Remember Me. River City will contribute to costs. More information will be coming as soon as known.
    6. Family of Zelma Hogan was sponsoring a dale of Zelma's collection of 20 years of quilting supplies. Proceeds to help defray medical costs on Saturday May 20.
  5. Break was taken for Birthday Table opportunities, refreshments.
  6. Program given by Elena Acosta showing how cutting machines work and how can be applied to quilting.
  7. Bebe Tulley, Secretary announced that the April minutes were sent out by Suzie Montague and asked if there were any questions. There were no questions. Elena Acosta made motion to accept report and Sherry Herringshaw seconded. Motion carried.
  8. More Announcements and business:
    1. Renee Hoeprich showed what she learned at GSQA POE- Folding Quilts for storage. Use diagonal to avoid stress on fabric.
    2. Renee Hoeprich announced that GSQA is having an English Paper Piecing Challenge. She demonstrated and handed out patterns to those interested.
    3. Renee Hoeprich and Jo Paul Lantier were recognized as Volunteers of year by the Giving Quilt for their Bridge Over Trouble Waters work.
    4. The Giving Quilt sponsored the UPSIDE DOWNS to benefit Down Syndrome Children. NALESTOUGH event is scheduled for August 26, 2017. This is for children who have lost a parent in law enforcement. It will be at Highland Presbyterian Church. Roberta Wilson, Candy Bergeron, and Sherry Herringshaw are in charge of this event.
    5. The next quarterly meeting of GSQA POE will be August 19, 2017 in Biloxi, MS. Alice Fredlund volunteered to represent RCQG.
    6. Roberta Wilson will be installed as President for GSQA January 20, 2018. Sherry Herringshaw will be in charge of reception and will coordinate 5 guilds participation. Judy Holley made a motion that RCQG would participate and pay share of costs for reception. It was seconded by Alice Fredlund and membership voted. Motion carried.
    7. The fat quarter lotto winner was Mary Daigle and Fiber Name Tag winner was Kathleen Dabney.
    8. Elena Acosta gave results for Teacher Survey. 30 people responded. Survey will be sent out again. At this point the findings of survey was: The most popular class was Pet Portrait, then New York Beauty, both taught by Judy Holley. The third most popular was Into the Woods by Connie Ewbanks. Saturday is the most popular day to be taught with Monday the least favorite time.
    9. Program in June will be announced. July meeting will be Christmas In July again.
Submitted by Bebe Tulley, Secretary

Friday, March 10, 2017

March 2017 Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm and welcome given by Elena Acosta, Vice- President. Daisy Comeaux, President attended meeting but she had laryngitis.
  2. Per Ms. Tommie Morden there were no quests at the meeting. 48 Members in attendance.
  3. Ms. Tommie Morden presented birthday fat quarters to March birthdays. Happy Birthday Sung, led by Joni DeVilbiss.
  4. Program: What is a GSQA Circuit Teacher?a. Panel of teachers were Sherry Herringshaw of Lagniappe Quilt Designs, Connie Ewbanks of Butterfly Stitches, and Judy Holley of Judy Holley They showed us quilts that demonstrated the classes they teach. To have a GSQA sponsored class there needs to a minimum of 15 students. Cost is $20 for GSQA members and $40 for non-members.c. They are available for teaching other groups but the minimum amount paid varies with teacher.
  5. Break was taken for Birthday Table opportunities, refreshments and Alice Fredlund selling lotto blocks, challenge 1,  which are due next meeting and can be mailed to Alice or Daisy Comeaux if can't attend April meeting.
  6. After Break, Jackie Wood showed an award the Giving Quilt received in July, 2016 from United Way, Chapter 9 and Capitol One Bank.
  7. Elena Acosta gave the next border in the Selfie Round Robin Quilt. This month is Paper Piecing.
  8. Treasurer Cindy Jones gave report for February, 2017. We have 71 paying members at this point. Jo Doherty made motion to accept report and was seconded by Joni DeVilbiss. It passed by membership.
  9. Bebe Tulley summarized February 2017 RCQG meeting minutes. Motion to accept by Alice Fredlund, seconded by Joni DeVilbiss, and passed by members. Bebe reminded everyone to get dues in so she can print a current membership list for next meeting.
  10. Other Committee Reports given:
    a. Retreat-Joni DeVilbiss gave report on retreat held February 20-22 in Richard, La at Acadiana Baptist Retreat Center. Attendees talked about their experiences, and was enjoyed by all. Thanks given to Joni and others who helped with food-Jackie, Margie, and Joyce with coffee.
    b. Fat Quarter winner was Sherry Herringshaw.
    c. Fiber Name tag winner was Elizabeth Niemi.
  11. Show and Tell was next
  12. Old Business:
    a. GSQA Seminar tickets still available. Shopping will be available. It is March 15-18 at the Hilton at Kenner Airport. You can register day of class. Classes will be 8-4:30. Night programs will be at 6:30. 
    b. Bridge over Troubled Water is April 1 at Highland Presbyterian Church. Volunteers needed March 30-31. 130 people will be receiving fabric and 80 sewing machines have been given as of this date.
    c. Ugly Fabric Quarter quilts will be due for April meeting.
  13. New Business:
    a. Second Saturday Sew Day is March 11.
    b. Giving Quilt is sponsoring a sew day April 29 at 9:30 am at St. John's Methodist Church to sew kits for UpSIDE-DOWNS, org. Quilts for children with Downs Syndrome and they will be blue/yellow quilts.
    c. Quilts of Valor presented Wednesday March 1 in Hammond. One for a navy and one army vet.
    d. Adjourned at 8:25 pm.
Submitted by Bebe Tulley, Secretary

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February 2017 meeting minutes

  1. Meeting called to order and welcome given by Daisy Comeaux, President. Asked for prayers for Peggy Bourgeois in heart Cath procedure in morning.
  2. Ms. Tommie Morden introduced guests Ethel Forrester and Billece Morrison. 52 Members in attendance.
  3. Ms. Tommie Morden presented birthday fat quarters to February birthdays. Happy Birthday Sung.
  4. Elena Acosta presented information of Selfie Round Robin. First border is curves. A suggested center was given with instructions.
  5. Program was given by Mary Felder and Barbara Lankford on CFAL-Contemporary Fiber Artist of Louisiana. Other River City members who are also members of CFAL was asked to stand.
  6. Barbara Hoffman showed Quilt that had been donated and needed to be completed and given to a charity. She asked anyone interested to please contact her.
  7. Break to sign up for Retreat, Birthday table, and pay dues.
  8. Bebe Tulley summarized January 2017 RCQG meeting minutes. Suzie Montague to send out after this meeting.
  9. Other Committee Reports given:
  1. Retreat-Joni DeVilbiss gave report on upcoming retreat February 20-22 in Richard, La. Joyce Perry will coordinated coffee. There is microwave, refrigerator in Kitchen. Also small refrigerator in rooms.
  2. Lotto Block-Alice Fredlund. This will start in March. Turn Dash Block with a different one each month. Background is Kona white and colors are modern.
  3. GSQA quarterly meeting in January at Main Library in Baton Rouge was well attended. 34 RCQG members went. 177 people attended from FL, AL, Miss and LA. RCQG gave corsages to Renee Hoeprich and past president. RCQG will be reimbursements for coffee and utensils. Sold Extra meals for $5 each.
  4. Birthday table-Carolyn Derbes, Mary White, Martha Spruell. $49 raised this month.
  5. Fat Quarter winner is Louise Porter.
  6. Fiber Name tag winner is Pam Rosebrook.
  1. The Giving Quilt Show at Lamar Dixon show is February 4-5 with awards ceremony on Sunday February 4 at 2pm. 587 quilts presubmitted for show. Will accept more quilts but they will not be displayed. 4 quilts to go to Quilts of Valor. Kids’ activities planned as well as stuff a bear and pillowcases to be made and block by block made for future quilts. 3 awards will be presented: 1st place-$250 challenge quilts, Viewer’s Choice and Judges’ Choice.
  2. Second Saturday Sew Day is February 11.
  3. Ugly Fabric Quarter quilts will be due for April meeting.
  4. Beverly Yearby announced Patriotic Quilt Exhibit at Zachary Library sponsored by Honeybees of Zachary quilt guild.
  5. Show and Tell.
  6. Adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Submitted by Bebe Tulley, Secretary

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Message from the President - March 2017


How glorious it is to live in Louisiana in Springtime, like God's mercy reached down and gave us a kiss and a blessing, all at once.  Peace be with you all.

First, The Giving Quilt Show was very well attended by many of our friends and local quilters. Their remarks were quite complimentary of the show's composition and its quilts.  Some remarks were that the quilting and workmanship on the quilts were more complex and very interesting.  The Quilts of Valor (QOV) presentation was very touching as always.  My thanks to all of you who contributed your time and talent to the show.

There will be other QOV presentation opportunities closer to Memorial Day in May or Veterans Day in November.  Contact me if you have a veteran to honor.

With the presentation at the meeting, let's narrow our choices for circuit teachers and  plan some dates/classes.

On Second Saturday Sew Day- March 11th - BR Modern Quilt Guild is the sponsor hosting the sew-in date this time along with Remember Me and our guild.  Jan Bourgeois of Ryan's Case for Smiles org. will be there with pillowcase kits to sew (the kits are free).  Come join the fun to make pillowcases or just bring a project to work on.  Good fellowship.  More details are in the newsletter.

I'll tell you about the Feb. 20-22 retreat.  It was great fun. You should have been there.

Thanks to our refreshment ladies for this month: Mary Wolf, Billece Morrison, and Frances Jones.

SEW, dear ones, be inspired, as I am by your creativity and drive,



Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday, January 30, 2017

Message from the President - February 2017

**Please renew your memberships by February 28, we can completed a membership list.

SEW, dear ones, be inspired, as I am by your creativity and drive,



Thursday,  February 2nd     @ 6:30 p.m  St. Paul's Lutheran Church  
 (on the corner of Tara Blvd./Old Hammond Hwy)

☆ Tonight -  -Mary Felder and Barbara Lankford
discuss the new CFAL exhibit at the Old State Capitol

Elena provides the first instructions for the new **Selfie Round Robin

☆  the Bring list--
- bring membership forms and $20, bring a friend.  ++Membership renewals run until Feb. 28th
            - bring retreat monies - Pay in Full.  See info in newsletter  Joni says - "4 spaces left !!"
- bring Show & Tell.  your latest and greatest
            - bring items/monies for the Birthday Table.  (New committee: Martha, Mary White, and Caroline  )
- bring  for Fat Quarter Drawing -  "Oranges" solids or prints,  (up to 4 Fat Quarters)
            - bring & wear your Fiber Name Tag:  You could win $10 in River City Bonus Bucks !!

☆  Our thanks to the retired Birthday Table Committee: Stella Goodbee, Elaine Gosselin, Sheila Billingsley, and Debbie Hulett.  These ladies have staffed the birthday table faithfully for over 2 years and have garnered hundreds of dollars in fund-raising efforts.  Thanks for your service as we welcome the new Krewe for the Birthday table - Martha Spruell, Mary White, and Caroline Derbes.

☆  Points of Discussion
** New Selfie Round Robin Challenge - details/deadline

☆  Challenge deadlines
            Ugly Fabric Challenge - new deadline is April;  Thelma Berg, chairman
            UFO Challenge - new deadline Sept./ Oct.;  Suzanne Elliott, chairman

Friday, January 27, 2017

3 Quilt Weekends

On Sunday  - Presentation of awards, ribbons, and Quilts of Valor at 2 PM.
          (**the show closes before the Super Bowl LI starts at 5:30 p.m.)

What's there:
Over 600 quilts on display - Many quilts were kindly donated from throughout the USA.
Shop Vendors,
Scissor sharpening, door prizes, technique demonstrations, a raffle quilt, and hands-on participation in community service activities for children and adults. 

Group Participation Activities:
- Kids Draw 4 Kids,  - Block By Block Sit & Sew for Quilts of Valor,  - Stuff-a-Bear,
           - Grace Camp pillowcases,  - Reading is Quilta-mental, and  - Sewing Rocks demo.

For more pertinent information, go to  

- February 11th   2nd Saturday Sew Day

- 2nd Saturday Sew Day  -  is Growing in Size and Strength
 - at St. Paul's Church, 9:30-3 pm.  
- 3 local guilds meet to share the sew day: Remember Me Guild, River City Guild, and The Modern Quilt Guild congregate to share the work space.

          Lori Steib, vice president of Remember Me and president of Modern Quilt, has an ambitious plan to promote interest and to expand the activities of our local quilt community. By providing a sewing opportunity that integrates differing quilt tastes and interests into group events.  She hopes to make sew days a fellowship that will be a fulfilling quilting experience and better attended by combining memberships.  There will be more quilters with better interaction with ideas and advice. Renew old friendships and make some new ones.

Friday, January 13, 2017


Ok, your reminders for Saturday, Jan. 14th,

First - *The Giving Quilt Show Entries and **entry form are due on Saturday. 
        Delivered to Daisy's Cottage Creations, Margaret Chair at Quilt Corner, or you can drop off quilts at the Sew- In at St. Paul's .

*       After this date, you may still donate a quilt to TGQ at any time, even on show day, however it cannot be hung for the show.  There are too many logistics to overcome to make that possible.

**      The entry form is available on the website     under "Donations/ Quilt Recipients"
Please fill out the form and identify the recipient organization to receive your donation.

any questions, contact Sherry Herringshaw at

Second - Saturday Sew-In, from 9am – 3pm  - Ya-ll Come !!  AND  Bring a friend !

St. Paul Lutheran Church, 2021 Tara Blvd  (Lori Steib holds the key)  any questions

        This year kicks off a new era of Sew-In Days thanks to a collaborative agreement between River City, Remember Me, and the Baton Rouge Modern Quilt Guild. 
Each guild will take a turn hosting Saturday Sew-In Days throughout the year.  The room reservation fee is generously being sponsored by River City. 

        First to host is Remember Me and we’re going to start with a casual, laid-back kind of feel.  We hope you can use this day as a time to regroup and recover or to gear up for exciting projects you have planned for the new year !

        Bring your sewing machines, any supplies you will need, and projects that you wish to work on.  
Opportunities abound:
- does a quilt need to be basted ? (raised tables and assistance)
- does fabric need to be cut
- do blocks need to be sewn together
- anything that requires space and help??

        Ironing boards and irons will be set up as well as cutting mats, risers for the tables so that they will be at a comfortable height with little bending.
        Bring drinks, a brown bag lunch, or eat take-out.

It is an opportunity to mix and mingle with quilters from the different guilds, renew friendships and forge new ones, get a little work done, learn something new or answer that burning question of a stubborn sewing issue, come out on Saturday.

        Invite a friends.  All are welcome. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Some Announcements

Jan 28 River City hosts the first quarterly GSQA meeting of 2017  

            Goodwood Branch of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library (Main Branch)
            A 'classroom' setting in the large meeting room. Enter from Goodwood Blvd.

Volunteers Be there:
            - At 8:30 a.m., bring a breakfast item, snack, or dessert: cookies, cakes, doughnuts, etc.
            - Contact Elizabeth Niemi (c) 225-205-4932  (e)
            (Elizabeth is taking the head count of volunteers; please commit early.)

            - Contact Daisy Comeaux for Task Assignment   (c) 939-8200 (e)  
            (Tasks - Sign-in table, dessert table, door prize distribution, show/tell, general flunky, etc)

Meeting starts:
            At 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.; expecting 150+ participants.
            Dine-In Lunch available for $7, payable at the door.

What happens:
            - Renee Hoeprich becomes president for 2017.   Roberta Wilson is president-elect.
            - The guild is responsible for service of water, coffee, desserts, etc.
            - Sign up or renew GSQA membership.
             - Monetary donations are collected for the Baton Rouge Food Bank
            - Cottage Creations and Quilts will provide the door prizes.
            - Look at GSQA teachers and samples.

Guild Contacts:
            Elizabeth Niemi  (c) 225-205-4932  (e)
            Daisy Comeaux  (c) 939-8200 (e)

GSQA liaisons:
            Karen Perron   (h)  243-7049  (e)
            Tommie Morden   (c) 939 6096  (e)

(Quilt Judge)  CONNIE SILBER
            Connie qualifies the major points that judges look for in award-winning quilts using specifics and noting examples from her personal collection of quilts.  She shares both the positive and negative comments and explains common judging criteria.
            An avid quilter since 1989, her interest in judging culminated in her certification as an NQA Judge in 2008.   She is qualified to evaluate Masterpiece Quilts. She is a member of the National Association of Certified Judges (NACQJ).
            Sharpen your skills in anticipation of the GSQA Show next year on April 13-14, 2018.

  Sew Days  - 2nd Saturday Sew Day is Growing in Size and Strength

            Second Saturday Sew Day- at St. Paul's, 9:30-3  (January 14th)

            Here is something new and different -

            River City Guild is joining the memberships of Remember Me Guild and The Modern Quilt Guild to share the church space for Second Saturday Sew Day.
            Lori Steib, this year's president of Modern Quilt and vice president of Remember Me has hatched an ambitious plan to promote interest and to expand the activities of our local quilt community.  By providing a sewing opportunity that integrates differing quilt tastes and interests in group events, she hopes to make sew days a  fellowship that is a fulfilling quilting experience and better attended by combining memberships.  There will be more quilters with greater interaction with ideas and advice.  Renew old friendships and make some new ones.

            Bring a friend or relative.  Bring someone who has flirted with the idea of quilt guild, but doesn't know very much about it.  Bring whatever project you wish or just come to meet and greet.  Come sew with new and exciting quilters and some "vintage" models as well !!  See what others are working presently.  Get an education in current ideas, projects, and challenges undertaken by other guilds.  New ideas abound!!  The more the merrier!!

            Lori holds the door key this year.  If you have any questions, please contact her at    (h)  252-5030  or (e)

            *Our very special thanks to Jackie Wood for encouraging others to sew on Sew Day.  Her obligations demand that she focus on house and home this year.  Thank you, Jackie.

As Ususal....

Second & Fourth Tuesdays (Wasted Women)  -  meet at Highland Presbyterian Church,  10024 Highland Rd., near Bluebonnet, in the Office Bldg. from 9 til 3p.m.  Contact Sherry Herringshaw (h) 769-9093  (c) 772-4744  (e)

Friday, January 6, 2017

December 2016 Meeting Minutes

You will receive several email announcements over the next week.
There was an enormous amount of info on a variety of subjects discussed at the January meeting.
The info will be sent to you in short intervals as to present clear details on these topics.
The Guild Theme for 2017 is "Sharing - of Time, Talent, and Treasures"
As we set aside the unhappiness and tribulations of last year, let us embrace our sisterhood of quilting and
come together to advance its cause as best we can.
So I shall begin the data stream on Monday.
Stay safe, warm and well,
p.s. - the Second Saturday Sew Day is scheduled for Sat., January 14th and it has some surprises, too.
December meeting Minutes:
River City Quilt Guild Meeting Minutes   December 1, 2016

Forty-four members and four guests attended our meeting in December. 
Joni DeVilbiss  made a motion to suspend the business meeting in lieu of our annual Christmas celebration.  Alice Fredlund seconded the motion and the motion passed in a unanimous vote.
There were so many delicious foods to choose from that were brought pot-luck style from the members.
There were 9 lotto block Christmas tree designed quilt tops awarded. 
We played the trader dice game to exchange 5 inch squares of fabric.

A fun time was had by all!