Wednesday, February 4, 2015

President's Message - February 2015

Our January meeting turned out so much better than I had imagined.  There were 17 quilts turned in for our TGQ Red Dimples Challenge.  Some of the quilts included the panels distributed by Wasted Women to be used as a jumping-off point.  The variety of quilts and the loving stitches put into each one was a beautiful sight to see.  

Before the meeting and during the break, most of the chairs were empty because you all helped out getting the quilts hung, visited with members, both new and old, and participated in all there was to see and do during the break, including signing up for guild committees!

The committees this year include buddies serving together as well as people working together for the first time.  The most dramatic pairing for the evening was Nanzy Stewart and Jackie Wood fussing over the new guild carpet sweeper!

Let's keep this momentum going, with our extended sharing period at February's program, Who are you, and what do you do?  Bring along a few items that reflect what makes your heart sing.

See you soon,

The Bring List
  • bring your membership application and check for $20 to Bebe Tulley
  • bring - return the "Army" block you assembled for TGQ Show.  See Renee.
  • bring all that Show & Tell, regular and whatever you worked on at retreat??
  • bring items and monies for the Birthday Table Extravaganza.
  • bring fabric for Fat Quarter Drawing - Fish prints
  • bring & wear your Fiber Name Tag:  You could win $20 !!
  • bring $1 if you wish to participate in the Mystery Quilt series - pay Glen Parks.
  • bring Your Fabric Swap - Bag o' Fabrics- for the Quilts of Valor - contact Judy M.