Friday, July 3, 2009

How the Para Challenge Came About.......

There were many hands working together for this success:
  • Margie Bumm, 2008 president, set the wheels in motion by presenting the idea as a guild challenge linked to a group entry into AQS Quilt Show.
  • Hurricane Gustav ‑ that event pushed the deadline forward to Feb. 2009, and afforded some members extra time to finish it.
  • Mary Woltmann, 2009 president, who along with Margie, Joni, Kathy Perevosnik, and several others pushed hard to keep the idea alive, filled out and forward entry forms, made digital photos, and did whatever it took to get the Para quilts into the view of the AQS judges.
  • And, last but not least, the participants:
    • Paraphernalia ‑ Barbara Lankford ‑ a small wall hanging done as inspiration, finished with beading and embellishments (shown but not judged).
    • Parasol ‑ Debbie Ingram ‑ (2nd place) used boning to make umbrella edge stand out
    • Parallelogram ‑ Marilyn Halvorsen ‑ Lone Star block is a parallelogram
    • Paradiddle ‑ Diana Maloney (3rd place) ‑ a real word, that means a tempo of drum rhythms (with real sound effects devices on the quilt ‑ Wow!)
    • The Moon Is Making Me Paranoid ‑ Joanna Wilson ‑ (1st place) ‑ a whimsical graphic wall hanging
    • Paraclete ‑ Joyce Perry (2nd place) ‑ a dove on red cross blocks, representative of the Holy Spirit
    • A Pair of Paramecium in Parallel Worlds ‑ Janet Cundiff (2nd) ‑ pears dissected with parallel strips
    • Carter's Playtime Paraphernalia ‑ Debbie Hulett (2nd place)‑ rendition of grandson's toys as applique blocks
    • Paradise Quilt Shop ‑ Nina Delaune (3rd place)
    • Paradise or Pears and Dice ‑ Georgia Narrow

    Who knows what characteristics the jury was looking for?? They saw something in the whimsy, the level of development of theme, and the diversity of the "Para" challenge. Cheers all around for a job well done

P.S.‑‑What about next year??

Pictures of the "Para" challenge quilts are listed in the gallery for the February 2009 Meeting.