Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nov 2009 Meeting Minutes

minutes of – Nov. 5, 2009 - Mary Woltmann, president, welcome, 60 members, 12 guests, 4 new members 

 introduction of guests - Auction personnel got thank yous -
  • UFO Challenge— 91 completed so far out of 432 promises. Deadline is Nov. 15th. Prizes to be awarded.
  • Retreat news - Christmas Party - Tommie, Maureen, Kathleen Wyble, Beth gets ham for buffet.
  • Saturday Sew In–Nov. 14th 9 to 3
  • Reminder of pin cushion & wrapped gift exchanges. 6 quilts and 1 table runner are prizes in Christmas Challenge drawings
  • Election of slate of officers by motion and voice vote affirmation.
  • Committees for 2010- review of chairs and participants
  • Candy Bergeron spoke on Quilts of Love project with Stash Builders Guild of Gonzales. Linda Wiggins is your contact person.
  • If you wish to make preemie quilts to go home with the baby from the hospital, use fat-quarter size or 24x24 inch baby fabrics, flannel for backing or as batting or make batting very thin. No yellow fabric, babies appear jaundiced. JoPaula is your contact person for Women's Hospital.
  • "Top of Your Head" - ideas for next year. Write them down. Let Mary know what you think.
  • Beth reports on Adopt-a-Family. Details were sent to you via e-mail. Bring presents or donations by Dec. meeting.
  • Paula Toups and Connie Ewbank have trunk shows at Mama's Quilt Shop in Independence.
  • Norma Payne asks for donations to the charity quilt projects. She plans for pre-cut kits/ with pattern to be made, picked up, pieced, returned, quilted, and bound. The process is broken down into steps with different people undertaking different parts of the process, shared work.
  • Winners:
    • Name tag - Ginger Givens
    • Fat Quarter - Cynthia McGee
    • "Present" Quilt from guild bd. - Karen Tabor


  • Ginger Givens - basket weave called ''Nickel Bricks', a pattern from the book, Loose Change Quilts from Nickels, Dimes, and Fat Quarters by Claudia Plett & LeAnn Weaver.
  • Lorraine Moore - Helen Roddy Brown pattern, "Montana Scrappy". It was my first challenge to participate in, and while it was a little frustrating at times, I did enjoy finishing the project.
  • Stella Goodbee - 4 patch- 4 patch, on point - winner in beginner category
  • Brenda Gauthier - pinwheels

  • Joanna Wilson - "River City Scramble," sashed 9-patch - winner in intermediate category --pattern from the "Australian Patchwork & Quilting " magazine, Vol. 16, No. 1 (2007), p. 40, designer Judy Hooworth calls the quilt Moving-House Blues. Scaled down the block to accommodate our small scraps. Added 7 fabrics from my stash, sashing, and borders. Quilt measures 53" square and was a real delight to make. machine quilted by Kaye Baker
  • Elaine Gosselin - Irish Chain pattern, in value gradation w/white drafted/measured from picture of someone's quilt at a GSQA meeting) then revised placement. More emphasis on values (too much color to cope with). It is composed of 321 (2.5 ") squares plus 108 piano keys for the border. Tea and coffee dyed with pigma pen accents to calm down several very high intensity fabrics. Played with variegated/ombre background remaining half of 5 1/2" squares became piano keys. Both center and key border begin with darks/black in one corner, segued into lights/pastels diagonally in opposite corner. Proved its name: "Value? It's All Relative!" Plan to put most of leftover fabric on back of quilt.
  • Joni DeVilbiss - 2 quilts, 1 from Lynn Roddy Brown patterns, Texas 2 step. The other from Nickel Quilts book pattern named Sunny Lanes
  • Mary Wolf - Jewel Box
  • Tommie Morden - paper-pieced elongated pineapples, a pattern from Quilter's Newsletter magazine 

  • Debbie Ingram - 8-pointed star as center design, with "X" design radiating from center, a zig-zag border. Made by using all the pieces of each of the 168 squares and adding most of the background/lighter fabric and many more squares from a previous nickel swap we had. The pattern is from the Premier issue of "Irish Quilting Magazine," the name of the pattern is "Sensational Scrappy Irish Charm."
  • Cynthia McGee - Baskets Filled with 4 patches, a center 9 patch block. This was a Lotto block many years ago and I loved it and kept the pattern. It is great for using small pieces of fabric left over from other projects and was perfect for this challenge. My husband loves bed size quilts so I used an alternate block that had dots & circles of many different colors. This alternate fabric helped the many, many different colors, values, and textures in our shared squares compatible with each other.
  • Barbara Lamb - Fans on Point
  • Janet Cundiff - Pointless PinWheels - I tried resizing the pattern to fit the 5" fabric squares and something didn't work...Maybe it was the pattern, or maybe the 1/4" seam was off. Mostly the points were slightly squared off...hence, the name!
  • Glenda Parks -"We Are the World Figures Surrounding Granny's Flower Garden" by Eleanor Burns- (This is a Lost Fabric Story) The challenge began as a miniature snail's trail. I precut all the pieces, put them into a box, and pulled out random pieces. I had about half the squares made. Daughter, Carrie, borrows the box that contains the rest of the scraps. I couldn't find those darned scraps! So I took the blocks apart and remade them into another quilt. After the entire quilt was finished using only about 1/2 the scraps. (I was not eligible for the juried show) Carrie calls, says she has found a bag of scraps in amongst the boxes. I didn't know how to put the found scraps into the quilt. After much thought, I made a long strip of connected scraps and sewed it onto the quilt like a "rope." Then, I attached the rope to the quilt linking the figure's hands together. It is a small world after all.
  • Connie Ewbank -Framed squares
  • Linda Wiggins - "Runaway Threads (Spools)" the pattern, the negative/positive of the spools and the scale size change were very appealing to me, suffering from scrap itis. Upon completing the top, I found about 40 extra 2" squares and could not tell if they were supposed to be used in the quilt or not. So, just in case, I made the binding from all 2" squares. And now, after being in Scrap Therapy for a while, instead of being cured, I am a true addict!!!! no longer a recovering scrapaholic!
  • Beth Jessup - "Tea Leaf"- pattern from “More Quilts from The Quilt Makers Gift” by Joanne Larsen Line. Nancy Clement had shown me an applique technique from Sharon Shamburg, using freezer paper for the design and ironing it to the wrong side of the fabric. Then, you cut out all the designs leaving a ¼ inch seam. Next, you dab on spray starch with a brush on the ¼” seam and iron the seam to the inside on the back. Dab a little Elmer’s glue around on the turned under seam, and place on the background fabric. Then, using invisible thread and a very narrow zig zag stitch, you stitch your design to your background. My first attempt at a quilt with machine appliqué. I really challenge myself to do something I hadn’t done before. I have a quilt that looks like circles. I think the quilt took me the longest of any I have made yet. I spent many a night in front of the TV, iron, cutting out, and gluing. I decided to call the quilt “Getting Round Tuit” as the design appears to be circular.
  • Nina Delaune - Appliqued Flower Vase w/ piano key border, nicely quilted, winner in advanced category 

  • A short preview of some of the Christmas Challenge quilt tops (trees/star blocks) for the drawing.
  • Cheryl Marts -Sea Star
  • Joni - Safe Stor a unit with (4) 13"x13" drawers and a handle on top. At for $32.95. Tentacle Grips adhesive non skid pads you can put on rulers $5.95 online at Pattern Also bought myself a challenge, a pattern with curves.
  • Mary Woltmann - 54-40 Or Fight, stars in aqua, purple and orange, won ribbon in split complementary contest.
  • Jo Doherty 4 quilts
  • Maureen Miller - Kaffe Fassett fabrics in red/violet/purple quilt
  • Margie Bumm Houston finds, coffin quilt made of paper-pieced New York beauty stars.
  • Joanna Wilson - "Butterfly Kisses," a BOM at Amelia's during 2009. Machine quilted by Pat Klein.
  • Suzanne Elliott Houston finds - kit
  • Norma Payne Houston finds - kit, ruler, fabrics
  • Connie Ewbank - her new book, 9-patch mania, did very well in Houston
  • Barbara Lankford - LSU table runner and LSU embellished Cat Doll
  • Nina Delaune - apian theme fabrics, green and red violet, in quilt
  • Jo Paula Lantier Mardi Gras Mystery quilt
  • Harry Comeaux - brown quilt, on point, for son; blue charity quilt made with Maple Island pattern,
  • Jessie Comeaux - several quilts of valor that she quilted on the long arm
  • Linda Wiggins - LSU X quilt (ruler), winner of GSQA "Holiday" lotto blocks, Halloween and ??
  • Ginger Givens - T-shirt quilt - for 8 year old grandson, Christopher, made from his collection of team shirts, saved since he was 4 years old.
  • Debbie Hulett - a whole cloth hand quilted pillow from a GSQA seminar class on hand quilting, taught by Darlene Christopherson. Hunter's Star table runner from a class taught by Cheryl Marts
  • Elaine Gosselin - Halloween wall hanging kit (included on UFOs). Grand kids think it's weird!
  • Beth Jessup - Christmas stocking for daughter, Rachel, made with tattooed lady fabrics.
  • Janet Cundiff - BOM from Amelia's Quilt Shop, 2009