Saturday, October 6, 2012

President's Message - October 2012

Hello Guild Friends,

This is a great time of year, with the temperatures cooling off and my citrus trees are almost ready to pick!  I have been traveling again, and this time it was to Kansas to visit Mary Ann Robker, a former guild member.  She sends her love and hopes more of us can make a trip her way.  There are several shops in her area as well as other places of interest.  On one visit to see her, we went to one of Charles Ingals' cabins, made famous by the TV show Little House on the Prairie.  Another time we went to the Condon Bank in Independence, KS where the famous Dalton Gang met their doom.  The bank has been restored beautifully and it is like stepping back in time.  I hope all of you can get out and visit some new places in this cooler weather.

In a few weeks both of my granddaughters will be having birthdays. The time just flies ‑ Geneva will start kindergarten next fall!  Does this make me feel old?  Also, my daughter, Dana, completed her first publication for the church in Richardson where she works.  It was a lot of work (and stress) for her, but it turned out really nice.  I think there were a few nights where she did not sleep at all!

I have finished a few quilting projects and look forward to the retreat, October 5-7.  You don't know how sorry I was that we had to reschedule.  My husband teases me that hurricanes are watching for when I set the retreat dates and then come ashore on purpose.  Ha Ha.  

Auction Time!!  This should be a great one.  Jackie and Maureen (and their helper bees) have worked really hard to make beautiful baskets for us to bid on.  I know there is fabulous fabric as well as a rolling sewing machine tote to consider.  Please come early so you can look at all the goodies and place your bids. 

See you soon, Cynthia

  • Fiber Name Tag
  • Show and Tell
  • $$ for Board Flag Quilts Raffles
  • $20 if you registered for Del Horan's Applique Class
  • $$ to big on auction items
  • Completed Christmas Lotto Blocks (this is the deadline)