Thursday, March 10, 2016

Archives Project, Post One

I've been looking at the photos and annual binders for River City that Suzanne Elliott has gathered from members.  I know she will be visiting with longtime member and past president Melanie West to gather more photographs and archival material. 

Until we have a page on this site set up for our Archive, I will post in this area, which means you'll have to search past the more recent posts to retrieve them again. 

To begin, I'll post tidbits from different years and add details in the future.  Please send comments and corrections to me at or 760 815 5305. 

In the beginning, the guild met on the second Thursday at 9:30 a.m. with workshops scheduled for 10 a.m. on the other Thursdays (1985).  Members included Loraine Ball, Carol Burger, Ann Crossley, Marsha Dardenne, Nancy Henneuse, Pat Hodgin, Marilyn Kelley, Nancy Koken, Gail McClain, Julie Mohr, Helen Morgan, Karen Pierz, Madeline Prestridge, Janet Roberts, Jewell Robinson, Mary Ann Robker, Pam Rosebrook,  Jill Vickroy, Louise Wiggins, Ella Wilkinson,
Thelma Lanier, Thelma Berg, and Lynne Frutiger. 

River City supported the fledgling GSQA by sewing blocks for the first opportunity quilt, "Stars and Tulips".  Notes say $1,471 was "donated", but it's not clear if this was River City's efforts only, or the total that was raised by GSQA.