Sunday, March 6, 2016

River City Quilt Guild Selfish Round Robin - Round 1

A selfish Round Robin is like a regular round robin quilt, except that each participant works on their own quilt.

Starting date: March 2016. 
Ending date: October 2016.

Instructions for each border will be presented at each guild meeting starting in March.

There will be 5 borders or rounds. One per month for the first 3 months and one every 2 months to complete the last 2 borders. Quilt must be finish to the top stage.
We will have voting and prizes at the presentation meeting

The Rules:

Center block: The center block can be a square or rectangle up to 20” on each size finished. There is no size limit beside this. There can be a border of plain fabric (no blocks) surrounding the center block.

Borders: The borders should be between 3 and 6” wide. Each border should be made of the block unit given in that month’s instructions. The unit or block asked for can be the only one present in the border (no other blocks should be included). The units can be placed on point or on any other arrangement that is consistent with the previous rules.  Blocks of plain fabric (no piecing) can be included. The shape of the blocks can be modified in any way as long as it can be recognized as the type of block asked for (examples: a rectangular 4 patch, an uneven nine patch, etc.). Modifications or additions to make the blocks look like something specific, like adding trunks or stems to make the blocks look like flowers or trees will be accepted.

March Border Instruction:
 4 patch

If you have any questions or comments please contact Elena Acosta at or at 985 6407904.