Thursday, August 4, 2016

a portable design wall (featured at the GSQA POE class)

Materials needed:  

Prym Dritz Superboard cutting boardIf you are looking for a spacious working surface for cutting fabrics and other craft and home decorating projects, the Open Folded Superboard is a smart choice. It has a sturdy Kraft board construction with a neat laminated finish. For added convenience, this superboard features markings in both directions and lines for cutting nine widths of bias strips and patterns for scallops and circles.
  • Brand: Prym Dritz
  • Dimensions: 40 x 72 inches
2 sturdy curtain rods, adjustable to height of design wall (72 inches)

Pat Speth's Portable Design Wall 1 dressmaker’s cardboard cutting board (the kind that folds up for storage) 2 curtain rods that extend to at least 72" (the white metal ones that telescope into each other so that there is a curve on each end)  a piece of white flannel 44" x 80" or a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth—very likely you will have to buy extra flannel and sew it together to make it this large, as it is not usually wide enough on its own.  10 -12 large binder clips 2" size (from the office supply store) ** Double stick carpet tape **Strapping tape, package tape, duct tape---some kind of broad tape to smooth out the edges that extend past the carpet tape. (Pat Speth is the author of the ‘Nickel Quilt’ series of books and gave this to her class during the teaching of her Paducah Nine Patch in Bloomington, IN, March 2, 2012.) ( Do not get the cheapest curtain rods (such as those from Wal-Mart) as the least little bend will go into a full-blown bend catastrophe! 

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