Thursday, August 18, 2016

Our Quilty Friends Need Your Assistance

Our quilty friends need help washing her fabric stash and maybe their clothes as well.  A washing effort is being coordinated by Cheryl Armstrong, Margie Bumm and Sherry Herringshaw.  If you can help, please contact one of them.  

We know for sure that the following people got water in their homesIf you can wash, you may want to call these friends or just go by and pick up stuff to wash.  They may be too busy to ask for help at this point.

Candy Bergeron
Nina Delaune
Connie Ewbank
Mary Felder
Karol Guidry
Becky Guillot
France's Jones
Sarah LeBlanc
Valerie Kazlaukas
Debbi Kelly
Margaret Muse
Glen Parks
Louise Porter
Renee Vidrine
Jackie Wood