Tuesday, March 31, 2015

President's Message - April 2015

I hope you made a special effort to celebrate National Quilt Day on Saturday, March 21st. Not just another excuse to buy fabric on sale (like you need an excuse), but some little something like donating fabrics you are tired of, planning a new quilt, considering a small focus group to join, re-visiting your scrap bin, or just washing and ironing some beautiful fabrics you are so fond of.  We celebrate our quilt vocation in different ways. NQD is a way to reflect on quilting for what it does.  Quilting fills your life with close friends, community service opportunities, family heirlooms, a sense of history and culture, and a feeling of pride for the treasure you created from cotton fibers and dye; simple items that placed in your hands create things of wonder.  

Remembering that the theme of my message in April 2014 was "River City Begins with Me." We can look back on our activities since then and this theme has carried over into new ideas shared through numerous guild committees, member participation in outside activities, and the informative content of meetings with engrossing programs and shared opportunities.  The balance of 2015 is ripe with promise.

This April's program will be about the Louisiana Northshore Quilt Trail, followed by committee news and activities updates.  There will be much to do and share.

As always, I'd love to hear your suggestions think "River City begins with me."

See you soon,  

the Bring list
- bring - $2 for lotto block - Vanishing Squares -  Deadline is May.  See Brenda & Beverly
- bring - 2 1/2 inch strips  of purple or gold fabric for the Community Sew-In
- bring all that Show & Tell;  bring what you did at Seminar, retreat, class....
- bring items and monies for the Birthday Table Extravaganza. 
- bring fabric for Fat Quarter Drawing -    Cat or dog prints
- bring & wear your Fiber Name Tag:  You could win $20 !! BeBe hands you your prize.
- bring $1 if you wish to participate in the Mystery Quilt series - pay Glen Parks.