Tuesday, March 31, 2015

River City 2015 Mystery Quilt - Part 1

A Couple of Strangers on the A-Train        


The quilt instructions will only be placed on the website.  To get the instructions each month you will need to go to the website to view it.

Follow along each month making the required number of units.  In two months there will be a significant number of pieces to be made.  This quilt should easily be completed in the time frame given. 

Have fun and enjoy the mystery of A Couple of Strangers meeting on the A-Train!  

PS:  McGee ate the final picture and I have taped it together. It will be amusing when you see it.  However, I was not amused.  

Part 1 – Choosing the materials

This is a 2 color quilt that can be either modern or traditional, classic or bold  –  depending on the way you choose your fabrics.

Look for two fabrics that compliment each other, but have strong contrast.  Large or medium prints with many colors are not suited for this piece.  Your fabrics should read totally separate.  If you want a small print, make your second fabric stronger and separate.  If not, your quilt will be muddled.

Your fabrics need to be a Couple of Strangers!

  • 4 ½ yards of Color 1 – background
  • 5 ¼ yards of Color 2 – block pattern 
  • 1 yard binding (can be in background color, pattern color or another color)

Finished size – 84 x 96