Saturday, March 28, 2009

April Scrap Quilt Hints

Send in your helpful hints for scrap quilting by e-mail to and see them in this column thru the year-

Many guild members (28) are participating in the Scrap Challenge, plus even more members are fond of scrap quilting for its diversity of outcomes. Whatever your reason, pass along your favorite scrap quilting hints.

There is lots to learn from "scrap" fiber compositions:

-- Use up bobbins filled with "odd" colored threads. Empty bobbins used in past projects. You will then have more bobbins at your disposal. Yes, even the chartreuse "frog" greens and passion purples will disappear into the seams of scrap quilts.

-- Need a clean place to start? Use the neutral pallette threads: white, all shades of gray, black, and tan. Buy these spools on sale. Buy a lot of them.......

-- Use yellow or white as "highlights"to draw the viewer to an area of interest, a figure, or design.

- - Incorporate the use of a value finder (Ruby Beholder), gray scale and color wheel. These tools will help you learn a lot about value and color. The human eye is easily tricked by the medium shades.